April 28, 2014

Coloring Pages

I decided to unleash my inner 5 year old this morning, and before I got on the computer to blog and do music homework (double music homework this morning, for some reason), I spent an hour coloring Captain America. Yes, I'm almost 19 and I still enjoy coloring with crayons. Of course, I'm a lot better at it than I was when I was 5, but its still just as fun, and pretty relaxing too.

I'm still super exhausted. I'm sore from moving stuff at the garage sale over the weekend and I ended up twisting my ankle Friday, and it still hurts like heck. But I'm sure it will be fine soon enough. We did pretty good for a three day garage sale, and especially with the fact that we're kinda off the main road by a bit. We're having it again this coming weekend also. I may or may not be there though.

I got a facebook message from Hannah, the girl who gets me the gigs in Old Town Spring, on Saturday that said they were having some special event if I wanted to go as a princess. I had prior commitments, so I couldn't make it, and I told her that it would be great if she would let me know these things in advance, instead of the morning of. Then I got a message from her this morning telling me that there would be another thing this coming weekend. The only thing is the garage sale and I'm pretty sure I have a hair appointment this weekend.

Thats right, I'm getting all of this nonsense cut off of my head. Well, not all of it, but a lot of it. More than a foot of hair, which will end up being just below my chin. Its too hot for long hair,  its getting hard to put it under a wig, and its difficult to keep it from getting super tangled. I wear it in a bun almost all of the time anyway, so just having short hair won't be much different. I'll be able to use less shampoo and less hair dye. I'm so excited about it. The funny thing is, now my hair will be shorter than Andrew's.