April 3, 2014

Best Friend Date

Today, Sarah and I are going on a mini Best Friend Date. Those are always really fun, no matter what we go and do. Today, I think we're supposed to be stopping by the guitar shop in our town because she needs to get her brother's guitar re-strung. We're also going to look around a little bit because I want to see what ukuleles and what smaller guitars they have. And we're supposed to be going out to eat also. Like fast food or something. Probably Sonic. I just like spending time with Sarah because she's one of the few human beings that actually considers me a friend.

I found a video that someone had shared on facebook today about siblings. So, I thought I would share it and tag my brother. But when I went to tag my brother, there was no way for him to be tagged. So I looked it up. And he deleted me from his friends on facebook. Because he's a little jerkface. Why, I don't know, but I sent him a friend request because I like the ability to see what he's doing when he's on the internet. And its not like I tag him in EVERYTHING or post on his wall all the time or send him game requests. Like, we barely interact online. And I'm not nearly as annoying with my posts as some of the people he's friends with. I don't know what his deal is.

In other news, yesterday I started teaching myself how to knit. With pencils though, because I don't have any knitting needles. I might be able to get some while we're out and about today. Maybe not. Anyway, I'm making a red beanie type hat. Its not going to be perfect, so I'll probably not sell it. Just keep it for myself like I have with some of my other "first" projects. I would like to make some socks at some point, but that will take some learning before I can do that.