April 7, 2014

DNOW 2014

OMG, you guys. I am so glad I got to spend the weekend with these kids at dnow. They're hilarious and fun to be around, but also know how to get serious and do what Christ calls them to. There were like 7 or so in my small group (9-10 grades) and more than 30 kids total. 10 of them came to know Christ/were rededicated their lives. The band that led worship was amazing (as the hart) and fun to hang around with and the guest pastor (James Patrick) was awesome also. They even came with us to missions.

When I first got there, I was unsure about the whole thing because I felt like God had just thrown me in. Of course, throwing me in is God's favourite means of reconciliation, it seems. I don't feel quite as lost and disconnected from God, and I'm certainly working to get closer to him. I wish I could do that like once a month (certainly not every weekend, because I seriously need sleep).

The only bad thing that happened was when we went to make a McDonalds run. There were four of us in the car and we got hit by another car on the way back. By God's grace, we managed to all be perfectly fine except a few bruises and aches. The car needs two doors replaced. But it could have been a lot worse.

I have a ton of homework to do, most of which is due today, so I'll talk to you tomorrow on #reviewsdaytuesday.