January 31, 2014


This morning, I began watching a documentary on Netflix called "Its a Girl". Its about gendercide in India and China. Its one of those topics that makes me so mad that this is happening in the world. After I finished watching that, I started watching another documentary about adopting children called "Stuck".

What happens is that parents, because of the country's traditions and practices, hope for a girl when they have children. And if they don't have a girl, they have abortions or kill the infant immediately after birth. Some luckier girls are given up for abortions or their parents are kind enough not to follow the societal ideas and keep them anyway. Many girls are just neglected or abused.

The whole thing is crazy and its setting off the gender ratio. Men are unable to find wives. Women are being kidnapped and used for sex trafficking and slavery. The girls are literally being stolen from their homes in china or neglected in india.

For a long time, I have wrestled with my political ideas, trying to decide what I believe, who I can align myself with. I'm proud to announce that I've figured it out recently. I am a conservative feminist, and I am pro-life. This means that I find this cause to be very important. It both causes harm to and suppresses women and girls and it kills infants and unborn babies.

I don't know what your beliefs are politically or religiously. But I do know that murder is wrong. And for some reason people say that the babies inside the womb are "just a clump of cells" or "not living". But I can assure you that you would think differently if you were denied the right to live before you were born. When we talk about puppies, they are considered living puppies even before they are born. What makes them more living than an unborn baby? You say that your dog is going to have puppies, not clumps of cells. So why can you say that an unborn human child is a clump of cells? Unborn babies are still babies. And even though they're not that old, infants are humans too. And there is nothing that makes women less worthy to be in control of their bodies and lives than men.

I can't right now or any time soon, but I have always said that I want to someday adopt children. I'm not opposed to the idea of having children naturally, I just think that I have a heart for children. There are millions of kids in orphanages. I know that adoption is difficult and expensive, and i hope that that can be changed sometime soon. I want it to change. I also want to try and do one of the monthly monetary support adoption things before I get married. So, I guess once I get a job. Right now, I can't really do that because I don't have a constant income. But I want to save up some money this year so that maybe next year I can start doing it and already have some money saved up.

But even if you cant adopt or anything, here is a link to a petition that is supposed to be to try and stop gendercide http://www.stopgendercidenow.com/. And I know that there are tons of organizations that do the monetary adoption too. And maybe you could watch those documentaries. It would be the least you can do.


January 30, 2014

Omegle: Friendship failure

I was really feeling lonely and sad today. But I wanted to talk to people. I want to make friends. So, after searching through some stuff on the internet, I decided to try chatting via text on omegle.

I hate it. People disconnect from you without even a second thought. Its a lot like the song "Bad Day on Chat Roulette" by Hank Green.

Anyway, I wanted to talk to nerdfighters, but that didn't bring up anyone. I did talk to some doctor who fans though. One of which was this 15-year-old boy who started off the conversation with "allonsy". Sadly, he had to leave after about five minutes.

I also started creating an account on the nerdfighter ning today. But I haven't been approved yet. I also feel like I really want to make friends in the way that Esther Earl and so many others have been able to, but I am extremely scared of judgement that will prevent people from wanting to have anything to do with me.

I'm a mess.


Heaven knows, I could really use a friend...

January 27, 2014

Boy, I Need A Hug

If the green left the grass on the other side
I would make like a tree and leave

For those of you who don't recognize that, it's from the song Honey and the Bee by Owl City. I'm listening to Pandora radio right now and that just came on. I really like that song.

So, I did not get to go see the movie Frozen this weekend with one of my BFFs, but we have plans for Thursday. Fingers crossed we get to go. And we're trying to get to go the  FF5 concert in about a month or so. She's my go-out-and-do-things friend.

Aww. My coffees all gone.

I have a ton of stuff to do today. Wash all the dishes. Wash all the clothes. Do both my English and Music homework and turn them in. And if I am lucky, I'll have time and energy to work on transforming this huge FF5 shirt into a short sleeve hoodie. I'm excited about that.

I should probably get started on this stuff if I plan on making any progress.

I like to find an audio book of my English readings on YouTube, then have them read out loud as I do chores. It kills two birds with one stone, plus I understand the readings better when they're read out loud for some reason.

Oh, and I added a new hat on the store. I'm trying to get rid of it before Valentine's day.



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January 24, 2014

Snowless Snow Day

It's been really cold the last few days and yesterday it was rainy too. When everyone came home from school, they had been told that today would be a late start day due to bad weather. And last night, it got even colder and rainier, so they cancelled school. But I still have homework due today, which sucks for me.

I was really hoping that I would wake up to at least a light snow. It hasn't snowed in a few years, so we're kinda overdue. I had this whole plan to get up and go outside and make a video in the snow.

I realized the other day that I've never actually made a snowman in all of my 18 years of life. So that was part of my plans, no matter how little snow there was. But there wasn't even a good layer of frost. It did kinda rain a bit last night, but otherwise it was just rain. Blech.

Now I have to spend the day with my family. My loud, noisy family. And I have to do homework somehow. Gah. I'm gonna die. Not really, but I am probably going to make several death threats today.

I started crocheting another hat yesterday. It's a red and white and pink for Valentine's day. I should have it done by the end of the day, but I'm not sure how soon it will be in the store.



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January 23, 2014

Late Night Ideas

I tend to get awesome ideas that randomly pop into my brain late at night. Last night, I got an awesome one and I can't wait to get started. The only thing is that I need to get some old photographs of people I don't know. I'm going to look around the house first, then I might purchase some on eBay or at an antique shop. I thought about simply copying them from websites, but I want to be in the clear copyright wise in case I make it into a book. Currently, I think I will just make a few and then put them on another blog.

It's called picture stories. Or maybe something similar that sounds more sophisticated. I look at old pictures, make up a story for the people, and then write it down. It would be like a collection of unconnected short stories. I think it's probably been done before in some way, but I really want to do it. Each story would just be a few pages long and if nothing else it would be a good writing exercise.

The idea came from a creative writing assignment we used to get in drama and English classes. We would be shown either a photograph of a random person and have to describe the person or a painting and have to tell the story of a person in that painting. I found it fun.

Btw, I should be putting a new item up in my online store within the next couple of days. Maybe some Valentines stuff.



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January 19, 2014

Still Sick

I have to miss church today because I'm still sick. I have been since Thursday. I don't feel quite as bad as I did then, but I'm not well yet either.

I spent a lot of time crocheting though. After I finished the cupcake hat, I made a pair of Twilight Sparkle arm warmers and then a pair of Fluttershy ones. I'm currently working on a pair based on applejack. And if you don't know who these characters are, you should probably watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic...

Anyway, I started up an online store earlier this week and I'm excited to say that it is continually increasing in stock. I want to have the applejack arm warmers up by the end of today. My dad and I are also working on a unique art piece that will be up in the shop soon. All I can say is that it's really cool and literally one of a kind, a mark of God's own handiwork combined with man's.

Have fun browsing my store.



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January 16, 2014

Feeling bad...

I woke up this morning to some crazy sore throat. Like, it actually feels like my throat is swollen. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage to eat things today.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Wal-Mart because we had to pick up some stuff and we ended up buying a Belgian waffle maker. I think I might break it out and have waffles for lunch.

Gah, I also have this occasional headache and dizziness. I feel terrible. And there's nothing I can do about it.

Good news is, I am almost done with the cupcake hat. It should be up on the store by Saturday at the latest. And I'm going to try to make more than one so that there will be a pink one also and you can buy more than one at a time. That might take some time though.

My textbooks are supposed to arrive today, which means that I will be able to work on actual work for my classes. Fun.

I finished watching Orange is the New Black this morning. I kinda wish there was a second season.


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January 15, 2014

Lizzy's Luxuries

I have always wanted to have my own store where I sell the stuff that I make. And now I do.

Starting this morning, my store is up and running at


I have my crochet stuff up on there and my dad has some ideas of these art pieces we can make. Of course, I have a limited stock right now since I'm just starting. But I am working on making more stuff, I promise. Currently, I have a cupcake hat in the works that I am rather excited about.

The money goes toward helping me get an education, so I can ensure that it's going to a good cause. I'm also thinking about doing project for awesome this December and donating part of the profits to a certain charity or something. I haven't quite decided.

Regardless, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


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January 14, 2014

Stupid Stupid

Yes, I was listening to the Alex Day station on my Pandora app this morning. Yes, I listened to Stupid Stupid. Yes, I contemplated a music video. Don't judge.

The first thing I thought this morning when I woke up was how much I didn't want to work on college work. It is the first week, so there isn't much due. And I don't have my textbooks yet. But I just don't want to. I need to get back in the routine, but I'd rather do chores, watch movies, and text Andrew all day. Not that I won't be doing those things anyway, but I have to do college stuff first.

So, in spending way too much time looking up stuff for the Disney trip in March, I have decided something. Everyone knows that I love cameras. Like, currently I have three, but one is old and one is really crappy. Not to mention my phone, kindle, and laptop have cameras too. I have always wanted a polaroid instant camera. We have one, but the film is like $40 for ten pictures because it's full size polaroids. I've done some shopping around and I've decided that I am going to buy a fujifilm instax mini 8 before we leave for Disney. It has the cheapest film. And there are lots of accessories.  There is a polaroid equivalent that uses the same film, but it's the same price.

I was planning on getting the polaroid one, but it turns out that the uniform company makes both cameras exactly the same and just puts the polaroid name on the other. I think I'm going to get the white one because it's cheaper and I can decorate it with stickers and stuff if I want.

It's 9:00. Could I get away with texting Andrew at this hour? That's the only thing about these boys. They stay up late and sleep until lunch.


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January 13, 2014

Why Can't I Be A Disney Princess?

Yes, its has gone through my mind many times of wanting to be a Disney Princess. That was a terrible sentence. Wow. I hope you understand what I mean, because I'm not repeating it. But, anyway, this song by Carrie Fletcher is awesome and I woke up with it stuck in my head.

I had it stuck in my head because I've spent this weekend researching stuff about Disney so I'll be uber prepared when it comes time for our trip over Spring Break. As an 18-year-old Disney kid who has never been to any of the parks but always dreamed of it, this is kind of a big deal for me. And now, my pinterest has been overwhelmed with Disney stuff.

I also started making lists of things I wanted to do and whatnot. The lists are:
Things to bring
Things I want to buy
Roadtrip playlist.

I am serious about my stuff. I want to do the Disney Bound dress up stuff, so I wear normal clothes that look like the Characters. I think I might have to do some shopping at thrift stores to get the stuff and stay in my budget though. I have thought up a bunch of ideas, but I haven't decided which characters I want to dress like for sure. My list says:
Snow White
Minnie Mouse
Luna Lovegood
Marie from the Aristocats.
I have actually written out what would be required for each outfit and I'm not sure that I have any of it. Dang it.

I cannot wait, and I'm afraid that I might be obsessed with this until we actually go on the trip.

In other news, I start classes today. Probably not any assignements of importance though, because its just the first day. I still have to order my textbooks too. Blech.


January 11, 2014

Saturday Blogging

You probably know already that I don't really blog much on weekends. I generally have other things to do. But today I really don't have anything to do except maybe order some of my textbooks and crochet a hat and wash dishes.

I spent part of the morning on pinterest, and I spent quite a lot of time looking at the geek pins. One of the subjects that kept showing up was Tom Hiddleston, the gorgeous and lovely man who plays Loki in the Avengers and Thor movies. The more I see stuff about him, the more I become convinced that he is a real life Disney Prince.

I also like that he enjoys the role that he plays in the movies to the point that he pretends to be Loki in public. I think it's good for actors to enjoy their roles, otherwise you get terrible acting and/or terrible publicity (cough, Robert Pattinson, cough). And he's nice to fans and just generally a happy human being, which is difficult to find in places like Hollywood.

I think the character that I most enjoyed playing in theatre was probably Tillie from The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-moon Marigolds, or, as it became known to us, TEOGROMITMM. It was a part that I put all of my skill into and that made it fun. And the cast made it fun also because we would laugh with each other when we goofed up and make fun of the lines together. Gah, that was a fun play.

I think that is what I hope for the most in future acting and directing jobs is that the cast works together and laughs together instead of being business all the time. You have to have some fun with it behind the scenes or its not fun at all. Yes, you do have to practice and get work done, but sometimes you have to take five minutes during rehearsal of a really serious scene and laugh it up with the cast because they messed up their line and it became an innuendo.


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January 10, 2014

Coffee in a Tea cup... I'm so Ironic.

I am blogging today while I drink coffee out of a mug that says "tea" on it. I feel like I'm an accidental hipster or something. Don't believe me? Look!

Just kidding, I drank all of the coffee before I got to take a picture, and then I took a picture and it looked horrible and I was lazy so I didn't put it on here. Ta-Da!

Well, I'm actually also watching Wheezy Waiter videos, which makes me want to make youtube videos but I don't have anything to make videos about.

Some days, like today, are just absolutely boring. I didn't have any interesting dreams. I didn't  do or think of anything interesting yesterday or this morning. The most interesting things that I will be doing today are:

Disassembling a toddler bed

Uploading the first video to Sibling Vloggery

Washing Dishes

Watching Youtube videos


Watching Orange is the New Black.

I'm so boring. I want so badly to go out and do things and meet people (although I'm not really good at that) and finish writing my book (actually, I can do that from home, and I am) and work with other youtubers and musicians and busk and drink fancy coffee and cosplay at a convention.

In other news, I will be in my town as a princess on February 22nd. Thats fun, and you can come and take a picture with me because I tend to make strangers want to do that sometimes. I'm not sure what princess I'll be, but I'm sure that I'll tell you as soon as I figure it out.        

And I'm going to go to a local elementary school soon to read my book to children. Thats fun and it might help me make back the money that I'm going to spend on textbooks this semester. I freaking hate to buy textbooks.


January 9, 2014

Recurring Dream and a New TV Series

So, unbeknownst to most people, I actually have a recurring dream. It only occurs every once in a while, but when it does, it creeps me the heck out for about an hour or so afterward. I've been having this dream every once in a while since I was about 4 years old and it still freaks me out now as much as it did then. And, I had that dream this morning, just at the point that I was waking up. So, it wasn't as bad as it was the few times before, but it still was scary.

There is no visual for this dream, unlike all of my other dreams. There's this voice that I hear. Its a female voice, but I can't understand what its saying. And I feel like I'm being restrained and I can't go anywhere or do anything but sit there and hear this voice. And it scares the heck out of me.

Anyway, I turned on music after I got up to help drown it out because it was stuck in my mind, which, along with some random dancing, managed to at least get me to think about what I needed to do today instead of the scary dream. Gosh, I sound like a child. Maybe I kind of am. And then I started watching the series on Netflix that I started watching yesterday.

Orange is the New Black. Its not really appropriate for kids at all. But it does have an interesting plot line. I do skip over some parts (thank goodness I'm watching on Netflix). But, its something to watch until I can watch more Doctor Who and Sherlock.


January 8, 2014

Dystopian Prince Charming

So, if you follow me on GoodReads on the kindle, which you probably don't but might want to because I read a lot of books and write a lot of reviews, you would know that I have been reading a lot of Dystopian novels lately. We're talking the Divergent trilogy, The Girl With All The Gifts, and other stuff like that. Hunger Games-esque books. That may have been why I had the dream that I had last night.

I've also been writing a novel that is rather dystopian too, but I can't tell you much about it.

I had a dream last night, which was probably more like this morning if I'm honest about the time that it occurred in my brain, that was awesome. It took place in a dystopian society. The zombie apocalypse or something had happened and I was put (rather unwillingly) in this city thing that was supposed to be able to keep us safe and organized as we tried to rebuild order in society. We weren't allowed out of the "compound" or whatever you want to call it. And it was all inside this huge building. There were to trees or fences or anything, just this huge building that we weren't allowed out of. The architecture was really strange and thrown together. Like,there was a staircase with a rail on one side, but the other side was left open and you could just fall off if you were unlucky.

Anyway, everyone in this society was assigned a certain schedule that they were supposed to adhere to. They had to be certain places for certain activities at specific times of the day. Apparently, I lost my copy of my schedule or something, because during the whole dream I was unaware of where I should be and no one would tell me. This actually caused me to almost mess up and stand on a stage with a choir during their performance instead of sitting with the audience like I was supposed to. Either way, I didn't manage to get an actual seat in amongst the audience, who were all sitting on these seemingly endless rows of metal bleachers.

One of my best friends, Sarah, was in the dream. We were still best friends in the dream, but we didn't have much contact throughout the day since her schedule kept her doing other things. Apparently she was the dance teacher at the compound, and I got to see this whole dance number that she choreographed. I really have no idea why the compound was so worried about the arts, but they were supposedly using the talents that everyone had for the best purpose.

Since I was upset and I didn't want to be there, I was assigned a certain room that I could go to for five minutes a day in order to get away from everyone. My first thought was, Five minutes? This is crap! But, whatever. I couldn't really do anything else. Originally, I had this area, like a bed and a pile of my belongings, that was next to a bunch of other people that was considered mine and I could spend my free time there. But then the overhead leaders decided that we didn't really need the belongings, even though they were the only remnants of our life before the huge event that destroyed our homeland, and took them away by force. Really, they weren't sentimental things, but in the dream they were, things like ipods and books and miscellaneous stuff. And then they made us move to this other place that had smaller beds that were mushed closer together.

Everyone was really upset, and basically started this kind of a revolution that was, if the dream had been a book or something extensive, going to let them escape from the place and find civilization. Apparently, even though the US and surrounding areas were basically decimated from whatever this event was, places overseas were still thriving and going on with life as it used to be. Japan, Britain, and places like that were okay. But the people in the compound didn't want us to know that they were, and were kind of upset when we found out.

Lastly, there was this boy who was in my dream. In real life, I have never seen someone who looks or acts like he did, which saddens me. He was tall and had nice hair and actually kind of muscular. But he was kind and smart too. I wish I could say that he had a name, but I have always been really bad at naming things, even in my dreams, so he doesn't really have a name. For the sake of this blog post, I guess I could call him Tobias, because he reminds me of Tobias from the Divergent series and I think my brain might have loosely based him on that character since I liked the books so much. So, any overlap is purely the fault of my sleeping brain. Note, he does not look anything like the Tobias that is on the movie posters and such.

Anyway, Tobias was someone who I thought was attractive, but I didn't get to spend much time around. Somehow, we formed this relationship, and he kind of became someone that I could hang on to and know that he would be there when times go tough. And, to put it simply, he loved me. I was allowed, for once, to be the defenseless girl who was constantly saved by a guy, instead of sticking up for myself all of the time like I have to do in real life and like the heroine of my novel that I'm writing has to. I didn't have to be strong if I didn't want to.

In one part of the dream, Tobias was being beat up by a couple of guys who were higher up on the totem pole in the governing system of the compound. All I could do was sit there and watch helplessly because I knew the two other guys wouldn't listen to me and that they could beat me up too if they felt like it, because even in my dreams I am tiny and weak. When they went away, I went up to him to see if he was alright and found that he had sustained only minor injuries, like a bloody nose or something. He told me that he had been working his way up in the ranks of the government system and was now actually more powerful than those guys and that they were upset about it. While the government leaders hated me, they loved Tobias because he did what they wanted him to do.

The dream ended shortly after that. I knew that the rebels were going to eventually get what they wanted, freedom, because Tobias was in charge.

I know it sounds terrible that I met a guy in my dream that was the perfect one, because technically my brain made him up based on the stuff that I've read and seen. But I was genuinely sad when I woke up and realized that my dystopian prince charming didn't exist, and if he did, I had never met him and he might be completely different than what he was like in my dream.

I think it would be really cool if when you dreamed, the people who were in your dream dreamed their part as well, that way you would go to talk about it and they would be all like "Hey, I was there and I said this to you, didn't I?". And it would complete the story from all of the perspectives. And if there was a person in your dream that you had never met before, you might spend years searching for them, and when you found each other, both of you had like a mental flashback of the dream and you knew that you were supposed to be together forever. Too bad it doesn't work that way. And kind of a good thing that it doesn't work that way because I really don't want certain people to know that they've been in my dreams. Particularly the dreams that certain people were in. Yikes. That would be awkward.


January 7, 2014

Day two of the FREEZE!

So, right now I am kind of the queen of multitasking. I'm blogging, waiting for Sherlock to buffer, doing product research, planning out my day mentally, drinking coffee, and keeping  warm.

I woke up to more frozen pipes and a temperature of 18* Fahrenheit outside. Needless to say, I was not happy with the way things were going. But I dressed in layers so that I'll stay warm today when I have to venture outside to check the pipes and to walk the dog. I don't have any long john pajamas that I could wear under my clothes, so I wore a pair of tights under my jeans (okay, so they're neon blue and they make me look like a giant smurf) and a very thick sweater. The sweater is kinda itchy, but its a sacrifice that I'll have to make.

I saw a couple of posts yesterday on twitter (yes, I have a twitter now, twitters are cool and you should follow me @lizardbreathwal...) by Emma Blackery and Carrie Fletcher (two youtubers that I really like) about bath products by a company called "Lush" and how they were so great. So I'm researching them this morning. The prices seem a bit high, but the products also seem really good. I have to stick to body washes and stuff though. I can't use bath bombs because I don't have a bathtub to use them in unless I borrow the key and go up to my grandparents house while they're away and use their tub, and in this weather, thats not happening.

Well, I think Sherlock has probably buffered enough while I was typing this for me to watch at least the first five minutes of Season 3 Episode 2. Stay warm Dearies!


January 6, 2014

Cold Weather!

Today is my first day at home alone since school ended last semester. I'm glad to be back to my normal routine. I signed up for online classes yesterday. I'm only taking three and one of them is kinda useless toward my degree (a basic music class). I wanted to take four but couldn't find a fourth one to take since I'm still doing stuff online (CURSE YOU DRIVERS ED!).

This morning, I woke up to really cold weather. Like, frozen pipes cold. That means that not only do I have to keep the heater on and wear a sweater all the time, but I also dread going outside and I don't have any water. Boo.

I went to make a vlog this morning and before I knew it, a five minute vlog had turned into a vlog and four covers. I have to edit them all now, which kinda sucks. But, I got new editing software for Christmas, so its nice to have that to work with.

Also, in the upcoming videos you will get to see my new crochet hat that I made. Its pink and grey and I absolutely adore it. I've worn it every day since I made it. It is nice and warm, but not too warm. I'm going to try and make one like it that looks like a cupcake. We'll see how that turns out.

I'm about to make a purchase through Amazon Smile for the first time (smile.amazon.com) and I'm kinda happy about it. Yes, I get to buy the kindle case that I need, but I also am donating a small amount of money to charity. I haven't decided which charity yet, but I'm pretty sure that it will be a kids hospital or something.

Also, I haven't told you about my book progress. I decided that every day starting January first I would write at least a paragraph on my novel. I missed yesterday, but I actually did two days earlier on that kinda make up for it. Since I tend to write more than a paragraph, this means that I made pretty good progress in a week's time. I went from having two chapters to 3.1 chapters. I'm excited. My plan is to at least have the first draft finished by the end of the year. But with the way it is going, I may have the first draft done before summer, which would be awesome, so I could type up and edit the second draft and then maybe see about a publisher or an agent, depending on which would be better.