January 23, 2014

Late Night Ideas

I tend to get awesome ideas that randomly pop into my brain late at night. Last night, I got an awesome one and I can't wait to get started. The only thing is that I need to get some old photographs of people I don't know. I'm going to look around the house first, then I might purchase some on eBay or at an antique shop. I thought about simply copying them from websites, but I want to be in the clear copyright wise in case I make it into a book. Currently, I think I will just make a few and then put them on another blog.

It's called picture stories. Or maybe something similar that sounds more sophisticated. I look at old pictures, make up a story for the people, and then write it down. It would be like a collection of unconnected short stories. I think it's probably been done before in some way, but I really want to do it. Each story would just be a few pages long and if nothing else it would be a good writing exercise.

The idea came from a creative writing assignment we used to get in drama and English classes. We would be shown either a photograph of a random person and have to describe the person or a painting and have to tell the story of a person in that painting. I found it fun.

Btw, I should be putting a new item up in my online store within the next couple of days. Maybe some Valentines stuff.



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