January 7, 2014

Day two of the FREEZE!

So, right now I am kind of the queen of multitasking. I'm blogging, waiting for Sherlock to buffer, doing product research, planning out my day mentally, drinking coffee, and keeping  warm.

I woke up to more frozen pipes and a temperature of 18* Fahrenheit outside. Needless to say, I was not happy with the way things were going. But I dressed in layers so that I'll stay warm today when I have to venture outside to check the pipes and to walk the dog. I don't have any long john pajamas that I could wear under my clothes, so I wore a pair of tights under my jeans (okay, so they're neon blue and they make me look like a giant smurf) and a very thick sweater. The sweater is kinda itchy, but its a sacrifice that I'll have to make.

I saw a couple of posts yesterday on twitter (yes, I have a twitter now, twitters are cool and you should follow me @lizardbreathwal...) by Emma Blackery and Carrie Fletcher (two youtubers that I really like) about bath products by a company called "Lush" and how they were so great. So I'm researching them this morning. The prices seem a bit high, but the products also seem really good. I have to stick to body washes and stuff though. I can't use bath bombs because I don't have a bathtub to use them in unless I borrow the key and go up to my grandparents house while they're away and use their tub, and in this weather, thats not happening.

Well, I think Sherlock has probably buffered enough while I was typing this for me to watch at least the first five minutes of Season 3 Episode 2. Stay warm Dearies!