January 10, 2014

Coffee in a Tea cup... I'm so Ironic.

I am blogging today while I drink coffee out of a mug that says "tea" on it. I feel like I'm an accidental hipster or something. Don't believe me? Look!

Just kidding, I drank all of the coffee before I got to take a picture, and then I took a picture and it looked horrible and I was lazy so I didn't put it on here. Ta-Da!

Well, I'm actually also watching Wheezy Waiter videos, which makes me want to make youtube videos but I don't have anything to make videos about.

Some days, like today, are just absolutely boring. I didn't have any interesting dreams. I didn't  do or think of anything interesting yesterday or this morning. The most interesting things that I will be doing today are:

Disassembling a toddler bed

Uploading the first video to Sibling Vloggery

Washing Dishes

Watching Youtube videos


Watching Orange is the New Black.

I'm so boring. I want so badly to go out and do things and meet people (although I'm not really good at that) and finish writing my book (actually, I can do that from home, and I am) and work with other youtubers and musicians and busk and drink fancy coffee and cosplay at a convention.

In other news, I will be in my town as a princess on February 22nd. Thats fun, and you can come and take a picture with me because I tend to make strangers want to do that sometimes. I'm not sure what princess I'll be, but I'm sure that I'll tell you as soon as I figure it out.        

And I'm going to go to a local elementary school soon to read my book to children. Thats fun and it might help me make back the money that I'm going to spend on textbooks this semester. I freaking hate to buy textbooks.