January 31, 2014


This morning, I began watching a documentary on Netflix called "Its a Girl". Its about gendercide in India and China. Its one of those topics that makes me so mad that this is happening in the world. After I finished watching that, I started watching another documentary about adopting children called "Stuck".

What happens is that parents, because of the country's traditions and practices, hope for a girl when they have children. And if they don't have a girl, they have abortions or kill the infant immediately after birth. Some luckier girls are given up for abortions or their parents are kind enough not to follow the societal ideas and keep them anyway. Many girls are just neglected or abused.

The whole thing is crazy and its setting off the gender ratio. Men are unable to find wives. Women are being kidnapped and used for sex trafficking and slavery. The girls are literally being stolen from their homes in china or neglected in india.

For a long time, I have wrestled with my political ideas, trying to decide what I believe, who I can align myself with. I'm proud to announce that I've figured it out recently. I am a conservative feminist, and I am pro-life. This means that I find this cause to be very important. It both causes harm to and suppresses women and girls and it kills infants and unborn babies.

I don't know what your beliefs are politically or religiously. But I do know that murder is wrong. And for some reason people say that the babies inside the womb are "just a clump of cells" or "not living". But I can assure you that you would think differently if you were denied the right to live before you were born. When we talk about puppies, they are considered living puppies even before they are born. What makes them more living than an unborn baby? You say that your dog is going to have puppies, not clumps of cells. So why can you say that an unborn human child is a clump of cells? Unborn babies are still babies. And even though they're not that old, infants are humans too. And there is nothing that makes women less worthy to be in control of their bodies and lives than men.

I can't right now or any time soon, but I have always said that I want to someday adopt children. I'm not opposed to the idea of having children naturally, I just think that I have a heart for children. There are millions of kids in orphanages. I know that adoption is difficult and expensive, and i hope that that can be changed sometime soon. I want it to change. I also want to try and do one of the monthly monetary support adoption things before I get married. So, I guess once I get a job. Right now, I can't really do that because I don't have a constant income. But I want to save up some money this year so that maybe next year I can start doing it and already have some money saved up.

But even if you cant adopt or anything, here is a link to a petition that is supposed to be to try and stop gendercide http://www.stopgendercidenow.com/. And I know that there are tons of organizations that do the monetary adoption too. And maybe you could watch those documentaries. It would be the least you can do.