February 28, 2013

The last day of February...

This month went by really fast. I mean, REALLY FAST! And my senior year is going by really fast. Its already the 5th 6th weeks. 5/6ths of the way through.

I have a favor to ask of you all today. Its not much. Currently, for this month, there are 903 views. I know that that is quite a lot. However, last month there were 975 views. There is only a 72 view difference! So, today. On the last day of Febraury 2013, I want you to share the heck out of this blog. It can be this post or one of the videos or one of the stories or even the lifescouts page. It all counts. Just do it so that I can be happy about the fact that the number of views either stayed constant or went up. I know February is a short month, but I still want this to happen. Taylor, if you're reading this, do not just sit there and refresh the page.

So, I think I am getting better at the stock market game. I am currently 23. I am learning how to sit and wait with the stocks instead of constantly trading. I'm kinda proud of myself because I haven't borrowed any money. I still have some cash.

I started reading an adapted/abridged version of Les Miserables yesterday. Its pretty good. I just didn't want to try and read the 2000 page version. I don't have the time or patience for that.

I have actually come up with another film idea. A documentary. I got the idea while I was taking a shower. I get a lot of my ideas either in the shower or when I'm about to go to sleep. I think it would be cool to make a documentary about thespians. And have interviews and behind the scenes footage and stuff. A kickstarter would be nice for a project like that. I could interview high school kids and college kids, and maybe I could get a few real professional actors and directors and stuff in on it. I would need a nice camera. And probably a good place to film the interviews. Looks like I have a summer project now. I could do it "Becoming Youtube" style and do a 30 min segment every week or so.

I think I'm going to get a notebook and start writing an outline and interview questions. I think its good to have seperate notebooks for each project idea. I have one for the screenplay. I have one for... Well, thats all I can think of right now. Man, I am typing really fast. Probably because I had coffee this morning and now I feel wide awake.

Oh, I'm ranked 24 now. And a lot of my stocks are just costing me money instead of helping me. Thanks a lot Bank of America and Citigroup. Gosh.

We have a spanish project that is due next friday and it is a fashion show that we have to present in spanish. I think its a cool idea. I went home and got some music for it last night, but I think I burned it to the CD wrong so I might have to go back and do it again. I got a bunch of songs that were originally in english but someone did a spanish cover of them.

For some reason I really like listening to spanish music. I just think it sounds prettier I can be the only one that understands it sometimes.

I had a dream the night before last that I was signing a song (in sign language) while wearing a fancy red and yellow skirt in a classroom with a teacher that I haven't had since my freshman year. The song was "Give me your hand" by The Ready Set. I really like the ready set. And that song. Anyway, in the dream I could recognize the parts that I was doing wrong and right. I have no reason why I was signing, but I was and it was awesome.


Just so you know, I love it when people message me on youtube and ask me to watch their videos. I really do go and watch them most of the time. And it makes me feel good that someone wants my opinion and watches my videos.

Okay, I blogged the period away. Share away! I'll see you tomorrow.

Elizabeth W.

February 27, 2013

Moving on up...

I actually wrote an essay with that same title once. Currently, I am 25th of 48 in the stock market game. Whoo. I have changed rankings many many times today. I almost didn't post because the internet was being terribly slow and glitchy.

I feel like there is something that I should be doing, but I can't think of anything. I should probably study for my spanish test before 7th period, but I think that I'll wait until next period. I always study for spanish then.

There are people around me. I really really don't enjoy this. And they're loud and they keep moving around. AAAA! I am such an introvert.

If you ever meet me in real life, don't crowd me or anything. I really don't enjoy being touched by people or even being around people. I'll probably freak out. And if I don't I'll probably be freaking out on the inside.

Elizabeth W.

February 26, 2013


I currently am suffering from some kind of cold. I cannot breathe very well and I am very tired. My sinuses are all stuffy and my eyes are watery and itchy all of the time. Thank God you can't transmit sickness over the internet.

My stock market holdings took a turn for the worse yesterday. EVERYTHING was going down, so I am currently #40 out of 47. I keep buying them low and selling them high, so hopefully I can regain a place in the top 20. I just don't want to be the biggest loser.

I wish I could check the stocks more often, and sell them when they get high but before they go down again. I would be better off then. Good thing the grade only really counts how many trades you make per week. That means that I am doing rather well on the assignment part of this. On the money-making part, not so much.

I think I have found my new favourite fruit. Cuties. They're seedless mandarin oranges and they are super easy to peel. They taste fantastic too. I got some yesterday at the store and I've already eaten 5. Partially because they taste good and partially because I want to overload my system with Vitamin C and get better. I can't stand the feeling of not being able to breathe.

I also want to encourage any soon to be college students to hurry up and get FAFSA done if you haven't already. I finished mine last night and its supposed to take 2-3 days to get it back. I hope it comes back soon, because I need it in order to finish a scholarship application THAT HAS TO BE POSTMARKED BY FRIDAY! I'm seriously freaking out.

Also, if you are investing in stocks, never trust disney. Just saying.


I'm gonna go see about investing some more virtual money, so BYE!

Elizabeth W.

February 25, 2013


Okay, so if I end up neglecting the blog for a little while, you can blame it on my economics teacher and the stock market. We're doing a stock market trading game in our economics class. Its online and the stocks vary with the real ones. The money isn't real though. I think its really fun and kind of addicting. I should never begin stock market trading in real life. I am currently #18 out of a total of like 45 students, so thats not bad. I use every chance I get to get on the computer and manage the stocks. I think I might be able to get in the top ten soon.

Gotta go check stocks, BYE!

Elizabeth W.

February 22, 2013

Laugh, Kukubara, Laugh...

Kukubara sits in the old gum tree
Merry merry king of the bush is he
Laugh, Kukubara laugh
Kukubara, gay your life must be...

Lizardbreath sits near the old gum tree
Hears Mr. Kukubara laugh at she
Die, Kukubara die
You know not the worries of that lady...

Yes, that was rather violent, but it got across a point (hopefully). Actually, I really just have that song stuck in my head and I thought I might be able to share it so you could join in on the suffering... ANYWAY, I am super worried about a million different things right now. I am like a stress toy being squished in on every side and I cannot return to my original shape. I am also extremely tired and I have a million different things to do.

The field trip yesterday was fun, and I managed to get some decent video out of it. I have some interesting ideas as to what I will do, but I can guarantee that it will be something Youtube-worthy. It may take a week or so before I post it though, because I am, as previously stated, SUPER BUSY!!!

Tomorrow we have a clinic for One Act Play. That means that from 10:00 AM to about 7:00 PM I will be gone and I cannot work on homework or anything. I have a quiz in Aquatic Science on monday, I have at least one scholarship that has to be mailed before the end of next week and several others to work on, I have to call the people at SHSU to get them my SSN that they were missing, and I have to learn the lines for two plays. I think theres more, but I cannot recall at the moment.


Oh, and the reason I used the "stress toy" analogy earlier was that I saw this thing on ThinkGeek that I really really really really really want. Its a Doctor Who Adipose stress toy. Remember the episode with the weight loss drug and the little fat creatures that were really aliens but they were completely made of fat? Yeah, its one of those creatures. And its a stress toy. And its absolutely adorable. However, they are sold out on thinkgeek and they cost like $40 on Amazon.com, but they're like $25 or so one Ebay and the next time I have $25 to spend, I WILL have my own adipose toy. Oh, and did you know that the word adipose tissue actually refers to fat? I never realized that they wree being scientifically accurate. Yay for nerds and british people! Man, I bet this blog would sound really good if it were read out lound in a british accent...

I really need some sleep and some time off from life. I don't want to die, I just want to take a vacation. I would say that spring break would work, but 1) that is not soon enough and 2) I have only 2 days of spring break that will not be taken up by stuff...

Anyway, so enough with that rant. I have been filling out scholarship applications like crazy and one of them asked about what I have learned about patriotic duty from the Pledge of Allegiance. So, this morning when I began writing the essay, which has to be like two pages long, I had to search through my brain to find something that would make sense when I regurgitated it on paper and I realized that I had never actually thought about what the pledge was saying. It was always just a kind of daily monologue that everyone had to recite. I think this essay might bring a little more meaning to it, but I think I just want to get the essay over with and all. I am a patriotic person, but I despise writing essays, especially hard to answer ones like that.

See you on monday, or maybe tomorrow.

Elizabeth W.

February 21, 2013

For the art...

Today I am going to the museum of fine arts in Houston. This is the first time that I've ever been to an art museum. Man, it is really hard to blog on a bus!

I brought my camera, so hopefully I can make a video out of all of it. We're going to the Prado exhibit. I'm excited. I can't video in some of the places, especially the Prado exhibit. But, I figure I'll manage to get some footage.

Right now I'm listening to killer by the ready set. I love this song. I think I might switch over to sugar rush by cash cash soon though. I like to listen to songs on repeat until I memorize the words. Both of those songs fit my mood right now.

Okay, I don't want to get car sick from reading and vlogging. So I'll get off for now.

Elizabeth W.

February 20, 2013


I am rather conflicted at the moment. I have come across an anachronism in my script that I am writing. And I cannot decide if I should remove it or not. It makes a rather clear outside reference that I feel would be funny, but the word itself did not have that meaning until the 1950s and the story is set in 1916. GRRRR. I guess I'll just leave it for now and go back and change it later if I decide its too anachronistic.

I also officially have an editor. My dear friend, Ellen, has volunteered to be my "Ilene" (Vlogbrothers reference!) after she read what I had written so far. I think she just likes the idea of getting to read my progress before anyone else. But, she is a writer herself and I really like the work that she has done so far. I feel like she would do a great job at helping me make the script something more do-able and making sure it is as it should be. She actually wrote the play that our class is performing this semester. She has experience and I am very thankful that I now have someone that can help me in my quest.

I was looking through stuff yesterday and I opened up a plastic tub, and on the inside it smelled like a skunk. Or something dead. It was rather horrific. I dug out all the stuff and there wasn't really anything that I could find that would have caused the smell. However,I did find a doll in the box. Remember "water babies"? The dolls that you filled up with warm water to make them feel like real babies? It was one of them and I think the water had started leaking out and soured and caused the smell. Of course, the water had ONLY been there since I was like seven years old.

I really need to get on with writing, so I must say adeiu early. Also, I am going on a field trip tomorrow to an art museum, so I am sure that you will hear all about that in the blog post tomorrow. Hopefully I can post on the bus ride, via my phone.

Elizabeth W.

February 19, 2013


BLECH! I have to go talk to the counselor again today. I have to get more transcripts and a scholarship application and get a paper filled out and all sorts of things. I really don't want to. However, I think I might have to do it during this period, since she is rarely there during lunch.

I have started on the book I am writing, but it is not a book. Its a screen play. A movie script. Really and truly.

I've had this idea for a while, I have just never put it down on paper. I don't want to reveal too much, but I will say that it is historically based. I know, I'm such a hypocrite for that. Most of the details are really fuzzy though, so I can make up most of it. Its a movie, so that gives me even more right to make it inaccurate.

I don't want to give away too many details, but I will say that it is a serious story and is rather curious. The key word? Elephant. Seriously, that is the current name of the almost-movie. I haven't thought of anything better.

I am only about a page into writing it, so don't expect it in theatres any time soon.

I really wonder how different it is in writing a stage play and a screen play. Same basic stuff. Except for special effects, why couldn't screen plays be performed as stage plays?

I didn't get to look for my old stories yesterday. Instead I watched a movie on Vudu with my family. Brave. I've seen it before, but thats okay. Its still a good movie. Its funny, because I have a friend who looks a lot like Merida, and she has relatives with the white streak in their hair like Merida's mum.

Well, I better get off to the counselor's office. I really don't want to go. BLECH. Don't forget to comment names for the bear contest. It ends on the last day of February. Goodbye.

Elizabeth W.

February 18, 2013

Writing a New Story

I have started a new page, with a link near the top, called "Stories and Poems". Basically, I started this on like, Friday, so that all of my posted stories could have a seperate page and be more easy to find. It also gives me motivation to put more stories up here.

Last night, I was looking for some of the stories that I had written a while back, and I could not find any of them. I figure they're probably in boxes, but that means that I'll have to search for them tonight. So, I had this bright idea that I would write a new story. I have a blank spiral notebook and its opened to a fresh, crisp, new blank page. However, I have no idea what to write.

I think reading John Green's novels and watching Vlogbrothers videos has really influenced me to want to write more. I also think that it would be cool to be a published author before I am in college. Can you imagine paying for college with the money from a book that I have written? That would be AWESOME! So, I need a prompt or something to help me start a story. I do NOT do nonfiction or historical fiction. I hate reading it, and I hate writing it.

I used to have a subscription to a magazine called Writer's Digest. It was really cool because it gave tips on writing and getting published and writers block and things like that. I kinda wish I had thought to keep some of the copies or something. Maybe I'll subrscibe to it again sometime. It was a great resource.

I checked on their website and they have some cool stuff there. I just really wish I could think of something to write about. I know that this is a kind of writing, but I make up the topic and it is just me telling about my life. Its not that I don't like it, its just that this is not going to get me any money to pay for college (except on the off-chance that when I turn 18 I start using Google Adsense).

I'm going to go look at the Writer's Digest website some more, so have fun! Oh, and don't forget to go check out the music video that I posted on Youtube yesterday.

Elizabeth W.

February 16, 2013

The Bear Contest

As you know, there is currently a contest going on for my viewers/readers/fans. I figured you might want a picture to give an idea for the bear you are naming. So, here you go. Don't forget to comment your name idea!

February 15, 2013

HARK! The Weekend Comes! And A Contest Too!

I am so ready for saturday to be here. This week seemed to drag on and on. I hope to be able to do some video making tomorrow, but I have to take a test in DC Sociology and do some chores before I can do that.

Yesterday, I brought home the teddy bear that my dearest got me for valentines day, only to find that it is literally taller than John, my little brother who is in 1st grade! He is a small first grader compared to most, but that is still kinda crazy. I sat it on the corner of my bed and it took up like a fourth of the twin size matress! I have a feeling that the bear may make cameos in future videos though. Just a feeling...

Speaking of teddy bears, I am really terrible at naming things and the bear needs a name! (I will post a picture of it shortly) PLEASE help me! Just comment what you think the bear's name should be. At the end of the month, I'll take all of the names that you have given and put them in some kind of poll or random drawing in order to figure out what the name of the bear will be. You can comment here or on my youtube videos or even tell me on Google+. Just get the names to me and you will be able to have the name in the running for the contest.

Why am I doing a contest, you might ask? Well, I want to do this to get some audience interaction, ANNND because yesterday the blog reached over 4000 views! I feel like that is a good enough excuse to celebrate with a contest.

Last night I had a dream that I was explaining a concept in a book I'm reading to my grandmother. The book is "The Tao of Pooh", which is a book discussing the main ideas of taoism through Winnie the Pooh and his friends. I think the book is rather interesting (And I'm reading it for knowledge and enjoyment, NOT to convert to taoism!). The concept is called Wu Wei and it is basically the idea of going through life and just going with the flow. You don't worry and stress over things and you don't force things to happen, you just let them happen in their own time.

I think this is a philosophy that I started trying to live my life by about a year or two ago. Basically, I stopped stressing about things that I cannot change and just doing what I had to to meet my level of giving 110%. I stopped worrying so much about what others thought and just kind of started going with the flow instead of rushing everything. I really think that the philosophy of Wu Wei, or The Pooh Way, as the book calls it, is a great way to live a happy life.

I think I am becoming sort of a trendsetter. I don't really mean to be, but I have started noticing people who copy me. Or at least they are doing something that I have been doing for a long time. First of all, I have a bunch of sock monkeys, and I have 3 sock monkey keychains on my backpack. I have gotten many compliments on them and I have started seeing others with these same kind of keychains on their backpack here recently. I've had the keychains for at least two years, and I haven't seen any others until this year. Crazy, right? And I think there might be a unicorn backpack fad on its way, because I keep getting compliments on my Unicorn backpack (its shaped like a unicorn and looks like a stuffed animal). I'm not sure if its a good thing or not that people are starting to copy me, or if its just my imagination. Either way, it is an interesting phenomenon.

Happy Friday!

Elizabeth W.

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day to my wonderful readers! I hope that you have a great day, whether you spend it with your significant other or alone. Just remember that no matter who loves you or hates you, God loves you more than any human could, in fact, more than any human could fathom.

The school day began for me by exchanging valentine gifts with the Taylord. (His name is taylor, but we have a joke about him being like a time lord, therefore he shall be referred to as Taylord.) I gave him a little stuffed gorilla and a whole bag of his favourite candy. He gave me a GIANT stuffed bear. It is literally half my size, and I'm 5' 5", so thats saying something. The only sad thing is that I have to leave it in the office all day and pick it up after school because the VP said it was too big for me to carry around all day. I am rather annoyed about that. But, it gives me something to look foreward to at the end of the day.

Last night I printed out Doctor Who valentines to give to my dearest friends. Many of them don't watch Doctor Who, so they were rather confused and I had to explain, but thats okay.One of my friends who I was really excited about giving a DW valentine to wasn't at school today, so I am a little disappointed.

I have had nothing to eat or drink today except a package of Rolos candies. I am starving. And thirsty. Lunch will not come soon enough.

Yesterday our rabbit had babies. Sadly they did not make it (this is not meant to be depressing, its just a fact of life (Its the circle of life, and it moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love, 'til we find our place on the path unwinding, its the circle, the circle of life!)). However, this was the first time I have seen rabbit babies shortly after they were born. They had pig-like tails and were all pink and fur-less. They were really tiny too. You could hold all of them in your two hands. Even though they had very few other distinguishable features, they had rodent-like teeth already. It was kind of weird.

Last period I had to make a word search by hand. However, I used pencil so it kind of smudged all over the page. I think it will still be okay. I put all of the words in it, however, I have not filled in ALL of the spaces yet. I figure I will do it in my free time today.

The school computer is being really slow today and its annoying the heck out of me. I'm trying to look things up and it won't even load google hardly. GAH!

I have drama practice today. One Valentines day. Apparently, the drama teacher cares not about holidays. We also have practice on spring break. BLECH.

I just got candy. Valentines M&Ms. Because I was lucky enough to be in the library. On Valentines day. Awesome.

So, for valentines day, here is my gift to you:

Ha, Doctor Who reference, with the 9th doctor (my favourite).

Elizabeth W.

February 13, 2013

Valentines and Repeat Reading...

Valentines day is tomorrow and I am very much unprepared. I do not have any of the cards or gift things ready that I plan to give out. My little brother doesn't even have his store-bought valentines yet. That means we have to go to the store, AKA fight the candy-filled madness today. I'm kinda scared but slightly excited.

I had coffee today for the first time since friday. I feel really amazing. I am a little tired, but I feel awake. I think if I can keep my coffee intake down to about three times a week or so, I should be better off. I won't have to worry about caffeine headaches and whatnot. Plus, it will be a little healthier.

I am reading TFIOS again. I know that I only finished it yesterday, but I really want to read it again and I think I have the mental capability. Normally, I cannot read a book a second time. I just already know what is going to happen and cannot find joy in re-reading it. However, TFIOS seems to have more in it than meets the eye. There is all kinds of symbolism and a ton of quotable things that I didn't catch the first time through. Plus, there are a ton of details that I missed the first time through.

I think it is kind of funny that Hazel in TFIOS has a book that she is obsessed with reading and reads over and over again. I think TFIOS might become something like that to me, at least a little bit.

A major theme in TFIOS is that everything will be forgotten unless we find a way to make it remembered. In the book, it is stated that for every person living in the world right now, there are at least fourteen dead people. Many of them will never be remembered because they didn't do anything that survived the test of time or they didn't get credit for whatever they did, even if that thing is still remembered.

I have always been concerned with leaving something for people to remember me by. I feel like even though I am rather young, I should go ahead and start leaving a legacy for others to remember me by. That is kind of the reason that I blog, or at least one of the reasons. I can document what I think and believe and experience so that others can see it, whether they know me or not. And, this will be around as long as blogger and the internet exist.

Sometimes I sit here and wonder who reads this stuff, and what they think of it. Do I affect their thinking in any way? I know that a few of my friends and relatives read it, but it shows that the blog is viewed not only in the US but also in Germany and the UK, as well as Russia and Thailand and Singapore and Australia. Used to, even just a telephone call to someone that far away was amazing. Now I am being able to share what I think and feel with people in places that I have only dreamed of visiting.

Yesterday, my little brother had a performance with the rest of the first graders. It was a musical and factual performance called "Its a Small World". They all dressed up as people from different countries and sang songs in different languages. It was absolutely adorable. However, it makes me think about how small the world is actually becoming. We are all interconnected by the internet and planes and boats and television and phones. The world is becoming smaller every day and we are gaining the ability to communicate and do things that our ancestors only dreamed of.

I just think its really really cool that a world so big can be so small at the same time.

Elizabeth W.

February 12, 2013

Can't Stop Reading!

I started reading "The Fault In Our Stars" yesterday and I am more than half way through the book. Literally cannot stop reading it. I managed to put it down while I type this, but I'm still thinking about the story.

There are many things that I hate and many things that I love about John Green's books. I love the fact that the characters seem so real and that they are so relatable. I love that the plot is very unpredictable and totally different than what you would expect. However, I hate the fact that half way through he tries to kill of the main character. It makes for a good story, but it drives me crazy. It also bothers me that he puts many things in the form of ABC/123 lists when he writes. Sometimes is okay, but he seems almost obsessed. I love that he is such  a quotable author.

"I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once."

His use of language and plot elements just makes for a delicious novel. However, I  have no clue what I will do with my life once I finish reading TFIOS and the books that he has co-written.

Yesterday I told my drama teacher that I would not be able to come to One act play practice on one day during spring break. I knew she would be unhappy, but she really overreacted. I have only missed one other day, so she can just kiss it. It being my foot. Although that seems a lot more insulting and a lot less creepy when said aloud.

I have not had coffee in the mornings for several days. I actually did some mild working out yesterday. Hopefully I can keep it up and maybe increase it so that I can be sure to fit in my prom dress a little better. Meh. I hate exercise.

I really don't know what to talk about. I just want to go back to reading TFIOS.

I have to do an FRQ next period in Economics. Free Response Question. I really hate AP classes and exams. My senior year will be over in just a little more than a six weeks as far as grades go, but I still have to take the AP exams and finish my dual credit class. BLECH.

I will see you tomorrow.

Elizabeth W.


I finished TFIOS during 4th period. I now no longer know what to do with the rest of my life. I guess I have to go buy the books that John Green co-wrote now, so that I can read them. Is it possible to be addicted to books? I think I may have a problem.

TFIOS was really a great book. The ending was sad, but realistic... Mostly. I know the characters are not real, but I can't help feeling sorry for them.

I finished the book in two days. Actually less.

Well, I have nothing else to do but class is almost over, so bye.

Elizabeth W.

February 11, 2013

How the Second Blog Came to be...

Yesterday, I was on a chat with the people in my sociology project group. We are basically four random strangers thrown together for the amuzement of a professor, and we have to write a research paper together. However, the chat would not work right and kept disconnecting. So, we moved our project over to blogger. This is the first time that I have ever worked with people that I have never met, besides the 365 nerds project, so I think it is going rather well. I added all of them as authors so they can post whenever and whatever. Hopefully,  it will work out.

I finished reading "Looking for Alaska" this morning and began two other books: The Fault in Our Stars and The Tao of Pooh. One of which is about taoism and how it relates to Winnie the Pooh, and the other is a John Green novel about two cancer patients who are teenagers. I think I'm going to give up on Dreamcatcher by Stephen King for right now. I think I'm too occupied with other things. I'll write down the page number that I am on and read the rest of it someday in the future.

The date I went on Saturday was fun. We went to the mall and saw a movie and went out to eat and talked about everything under the sun. I can't categorize it as good or bad in the way that everyone wants me to because I have nothing to compare it to. That was the first date I have ever been on. He is also the first guy I have been with for more than two days. Unless you count the "we're little kids and we think we like like eachother so we'll sit by eachother and hold hands and pass notes" thing that I had with a kid when I was in first or second grade.

My best friend and I talked about it and she said that I have to tell her when it becomes official. But what is "official" really? When we go out on our first date? When we hold hands for the first time? When he asks me if I would be his girlfriend (do guys do that, or is that just a fairytale thing?)? I am really truly confused by this relationship stuff.

I am also not used to being in any kind of relationship. I keep forgetting that there is a person that I might need to text or talk to at least once a day. I am really bad at relationships.

I got my prom dress this weekend also. I an $800 dress for about $100. It was at this thing called "The 27 Dresses Project" that a local business started. Basically, everyone donated their prom dresses from previous years. Then, girls who don't have the ability to buy dresses get their dresses for free and everyone else gets their dresses at a discounted price. My dress was the first one that you saw when you walked in the door. It is long and green and it makes me feel like a princess when I wear it. I looked through all of the other dresses and I couldn't find anything that I really liked. So, I went and tried on the green dress, even though I had been told that a bunch of people had tried it on and it didn't fit any of them right. It fit perfectly. My mom told me that I couldn't gain any weight between now and prom though, and I need to do a little more exercising and healthy eating to make sure of it.

This morning I found out that one of my best friends is going to prom with another friend of mine, and they are going as the Doctor and the TARDIS. She's buying a TARDIS dress and he's going to find a fez and bow tie. I know that It isn't me going as a tardis, but I'm still excited.

I have a book to read and another blog to check on, so I'll see you later.

Elizabeth Walker

February 8, 2013

Night 1 In Review

Yesterday was an excruciatingly long day. First there was the school part, which was okay, but it seemed to drag on forever. I presented my composition in spanish class from memory, and I think I did pretty well. I've gotten to the point in learning spanish that if I can't remember exactly what the word is, I can say something like it that means the same thing. Basically, I can just wing it if I have to. Then, I went to comedy throwdown. For the first night, it went rather well. There was only a minor amount of confusion, and the production class was really funny. Tonight and Saturday night should be a lot smoother and hopefully a lot more entertaining.

Taylor, I can see you while I'm typing this. Your class just came into the library computer lab and I can see you through the doorway. You're sitting by Michael. But, now the teacher closed the door. If you're not Taylor, feel free to ignore this paragraph that you just read. I made it small so that It is less obvious. Then again, that may make it more obvious. Either way, carry on.

I think the most hilarious thing that I have ever seen at comedy throwdown was my freshman year. I wasn't on an improv team, but I got to come and watch. One game, I can't even remember what it was, had these kids in production or one of the higher up theatre classes doing a scene. I can remember this blond kid speaking in a british accent and saying that he was like spiderman swinging down from a tall building. For some reason, it was absolutely hilarious.

Comedy Throwdown is modeled after a thing that happens in Houston called Comedy Sports. Its basically an improv show with quite a bit of audience interaction. I have never actually been to comedy sports, but I assume that it is rather fun.

Personally, improv is not my thing. I can do it, but I'm not that funny. I like to be dramatic, and I'm much better when I have lines, or at least some idea of what to say. I'mnot very quick or witty, except when I think afterwards of things I could have said.

I have a spanish quiz today, and I just made the flashcards this morning. PROCRASTINATION FOR THE WIN! Actually, I just haven't had the time to study until today. So, hopefully I can manage to stuff the last ten words into my brain that I haven't yet memorized.

The other day, my brother asked me what my blog is about. I responded with "Whatever I want it to be about!". I really, for the life of me cannot categorize the blog in that way. I talk about everything from my life to my schoolwork to college to books to movies to video making to random projects that I am working on. I really have no set topic. I think that I like it that way though. It lets me say and do whatever I want. I don't have to fit into a mold that I've set for myself. I can be goofy  or I can be serious. I have heard it said that one of the things about humans is that they try to categorize things. I think its just too impossible to categorize some things, this blog being one of them.


Pedaling. Constantly. I make my way up the large hill, although around here it could almost be considered a mountain. Finally. I breathe heavily, for I haven't done this in months. She sits there in her shorts and t-shirt, not winded at all, but waiting patiently. I pull the water from the small basket in front and take a nice long drink, cooling off to some extent. The sun beats heavily down on our backs and the tops of your heads. Thank God for sunscreen. The road is wide ahead, but curvy and rather intimidating. What happens if I lean too far one way? What if I crash off of the side? Nothing but a muddy ditch to break my fall. I turn on the camera and place it in the basket, pointing foreward. I may or may not ever do this again, for I am an extreme scaredy cat. Either way, I want to know what it would look like from that point of view. This is why I am friends with her, I tell myself. I need someone to push me to live a little and do seemingly crazy things like this. My heart is pounding in my ears. "Ready?" she asks. I nod, and we begin to edge foreward, only seconds away from a roller coaster experience. Then, the machines start moving on their own, pulled downward by the eternal force of gravity. We quickly pick up our feet, and we are off. The farther we get down the hill, the faster we go. I hear her exclamation of joy, and I try to do the same, but the noise is muffled by the wind rushing by our ears. She passes me up and we zoom around the curves with ease. Finally ride is over and the road straightens out enough to begin pedaling again.

Whoo! That was like experiencing that bike ride all over again. Wow.

By the way, don't forget to visit my lifescouts blog page, whic has a link up in the top left corner of the page. I post on there at least once a week, and I have stories to go along with all of the badges.

Elizabeth W.

February 7, 2013

Comedy Throwdown: Day 1

So, today has been really hectic so far, and there is not going to be a break from the hectic-ness any time soon. Yesterday I had to go to the dentist, so I missed school AND I missed blogging. I figured that I would try and make it up to you all today.

In second period, I had a quiz over fish identification today. I made flashcards last night, and I think I made a 100, since I remembered all of the scientific names and the common names. I laminated the flashcards with clear tape and they have printed color pictures of the fish. I think they look rather fantastic. I have to make 4 more flashcards tonight for the quiz tomorrow.

I have a spanish composition due today in 7th period. I have to read it out loud from memory (I guess that wouldn't be reading it then) or else have 20 points taken off of my grade. I have most of it memorized, but the way I memorize spanish compositions is strange. I make sure that I know the storyline or whatever in English first, which I know most of. Then, I mentally translate it into spanish as I repeat it. My parents think that it is a rather complicated and inefficient way to memorize a composition, but it works for me. I have all but the last third memorized, so hopefully I can get that in before 7th period.

The first night of Comedy Throwdown is tonight. If you live in the area, I encourage you to come. Audience seating starts at like 6:30 I think, and the performance starts at 7. Just be there by 7 and you should be fine. I am not one of the performers this year, but an MC. This should be interesting.

For those of you who don't know what Comedy Throwdown is, it is an improv tournament that my school puts on every year. The kids in drama class play improv games and contests and the audience gets to vote to see who wins. There is actually some audience interaction where they get to volunteer ideas and be part of the games. It really is very fun and rather hilarious. There are three nights. The first night, part of the teams compete for a winner. The second night, the rest of the teams compete for a winner. The last night, the winning teams from the previous nights go head-to-head to decide what team wins overall. There are two team categories: the first year drama kids, and the theatre production kids. The production class has two teams that perform every night, ensuring that the show will be hilarious.

As one of the two MCs, I get to help run the games, keep score, and explain everything. It should be an interesting experience.

I have started something that I call and "idea jar", which is basically a big container that I am using to hold my ideas so that I don't forget them. I write the video ideas down on slips of paper and fold them up and put them in the container. When I get bored or feel like doing a video, I simply pull out a slip of paper to decide what to do. Some things are very complicated while others are super simple. If you COMMENT an idea for a video, I will put it in the idea jar for later use. This can be anything from a cover or music video for a song to a rediculous dare. Currently, the idea jar only has about 20 ideas in it, so it will take some time to fill it up enough to start using it.

 Description practice!

He sits in solitude all day long. Porcelain limbs too stiff to move. Occasionally a spider might crawl by, but otherwise, he has no company. Being porcelain, he is too fragile to be loved. Every day he watches the sun rise and fall and rise again. His blue trousers collect dust and his red yarn hair begins to unravel. But the painted smile stains his face for an eternity.

Okay, I kinda have stuff to do and a composition to practice.

Elizabeth W.

February 5, 2013


So, I noticed this morning that I am really terrible at describing things eloquently. This upsets me, since I would love to write a book someday, and every time I try to begin a story, not only do I get writer's block or write myself into a corner, the story ends up being really really short because I lack the proper ability ot describe things. So, for the rest of the week, I will have a short part of my post in which I will describe something that I can see or have seen. It is your job to determine what it is and comment such. Maybe this will help me get used to describing things. Oh, and I will try not to be too poetic about it, because that could get confusing.

They once were trees. But now they sit there so silently. They have been changed from their original form. Murdered, some might say, but only for the betterment of all humanity. So many of them, it would take a computer to keep track of them all. But now, though they are still trees, in some form, they bring so much more to those who touch them, see them, and hear them. All sizes sit in a room, waiting to be opened. They no longer look like trees, for they have colors of all sorts in and on them. Bright blues of an August sky ranging to the bloody reds of battle. Carefully, oh so carefully stacked and placed and organized by number, letter, color, age, importance. The smell of age sits inside, waiting to be given as a gift to the next person to open the covers of these no-longer-trees. And on each sliver of wood, letters swirl into words and words into sentences, and on and on into stories and lives and facts. I waltzed into their dwelling place and snatched a few from their homes. Quick glances, then I placed them back. One after another, flying in and out of my hand until I found the right one. The right shape and color. The perfect weight in my hand. The vanilla-like smell swam through the air, bringing pleasure to my senses. This was the one. Whatever story or life or lesson contained within would soon be mine. A part of me never to be forgotten. A journey to go on once, but never to return, for the journey is never as fun the second time. A few clicks of a keyboard, a beep, and the blunt smashing sound of a rubber stamp on paper. And off I was, onward to fulfill another Great Perhaps.

Okay, did you get it? Leave it in the comments below if you did, and tell me how you thought my description was and how it could be improved. By the way, I stole the "Great Perhaps" part from John Green, who had stolen it from Francois Rabelais. Not really stolen, on either account, but I feel like using that word.

I think that I need to follow the advice of John Green and find an Ilene. I know that they don't have to be named Ilene, but whatever,

For those of you who don't know about John Green and Ilene, Ilene is the person who has basically been the editor, encourager, and book writer helper person for John when he was writing his books. He credits he not only in the books, but also in one of his videos. He says that she basically helped him turn a book idea into something real. I need this kind of person  who can look over my stuff and not be afraid to say "this is crap" or, "why don't you do this instead" or "this is actually pretty good... so far". Most of the time, when I start writing, I just go with it, and I end up not showing anyone because I either think its terrible or begin to get discouraged or run out of ideas. I need someone to help me figure out how to continue. I need an Ilene. Presumably, someone who has done stuff like book writing before and could act almost as a mentor. If you or someone you know is interested in filling this position, please contact me. Or, if you think we could co-write a book, that would be cool also.

I can not count how many of my stories have just died because I thought they stunk or I wrote in the wrong direction and into a corner. In fact, this has pretty much happened with all of my stories.

One of my favourite stories of all time was one that I co-wrote with my brother. Basically, it was a story of our many adventures and games during childhood, which went through the different worlds and themes of different video games that we were into at the time. Tak and the power of juju. Super mario sunshine. Lord of the rings. Luigi's mansion. We pretty much included everything. I really wish that I could find the rough draft so that I could get him to work on it some more with me. I think I may look for it when I go home tonight, or maybe even bring up the idea of re-writing it.

My brother and I used to write stories all of the time. They were all pretty epic. One time we even started writing a play. We would sit down with a bunch of notebook paper and start throwing out ideas. Then, once we got started, he would say the story aloud and I would write it down, throwing in ideas and tweeking the vocabulary here and there to make it better. The video game story had like 20 or more pages, and we weren't even half done. The play that we worked on was only about 5 or 10 pages, but it was pretty cool also. It had people turning into wolf-like monsters and the main character having to fight them off while trying to find a cure.


So, I think I will go do something semi-productive now, since there are only 10 minutes left in class. DFTBA!

Elizabeth W.

February 4, 2013

Unexpected Awesomeness

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were filled with unexpected awesomeness for me. Friday, I got a date for prom (WHOOO!) and throughout the weekend scheduled a date on Saturday the 9th. Saturday I got to go see The Hobbit in theatres, and it was rather amazing. I love the wizard who lives in the woods. He is so adorable and eccentric. Then, I also got to go to Barnes and Noble and I bought two amazing books, LOOKING FOR ALASKA and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by JOHN stinkin' GREEN! I am currently in the middle of a Stephen King novel, Dreamcatcher, but I have the mental capability to read more than one book at a time, so I am reading Looking For Alaska at the same time. AAAAAAAAAH! Then, on Sunday I got to make a music video, which I am currently in the process of editing, and spend the day texting my dearest. I like that word. Dearest. I should use it more often. I feel like if this was a Vlogbrothers video, one of them would be screaming excitedly at the screen right now, because that is what I feel like doing. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Also, during one act rehearsal on Friday, we got assigned parts, and I get to play, like THE main character. I'm almost kind of scared about this, but I really would have played whatever character, as long as I got a part.

I started reading Looking For Alaska last period and I realized that one of the best things about John Green's books is that they are so awesomely relatable and quotable. My favourite quote so far is "You may be smart, but I've been smart longer". That may be paraphrasing. I'm not sure, but I am way too lazy to get up, walk across the room, and get the book to check.

I also spent quite some time watching John and Hank's videos and surfing the DFTBA website. They have some really cool stuff, and I think the next rubber bracelet that I buy will be one that says DFTBA (I collect rubber bracelets with words on them, just check in my videos if you want to know what I mean). I have also been repeatedly told here recently that my glasses are rather hipster-ish, which is something that I am not sure if I like or dislike. I'm unopinionated about it at the moment.

I totally had something that I wanted to talk about but now its gone...

Oh, yeah, my camera decided to come back to life, at least for now. I just went over and tried to turn it on (it had been sitting collecting dust for more than a month) and it worked. I used it to make the music video on sunday. I still want a new camera though. I think I'll leave this one to James (maybe) when I go to college so that he can have a nice camera to vlog with. I don't want him using a crappy webcam, because that would really annoy me. Plus, it would give him versatility and mobility when filming.

I just realized that I haven't posted a video that used my car camera stand yet. I will have to do this in the near future. Come to think of it, I haven't used it since Christmas break. I guess I could do my next vlog in the car. It might be kind of odd if we aren't going anywhere special, so I will have to figure out an interesting destination to be headed toward when I use the stand.

If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments below, I will see you on Tuesday.

Elizabeth W.

February 1, 2013

Almost Like Observation...

So, I am permanently in the library for this period. Right now, I am enjoying the odd experience of watching a librarian teach a spanish class. She does have the degree for it, but I've never seen her teach before. She is using some pretty interesting teaching techniques, and lots of interaction. Sitting and watching without her knowing is almost like the observation that you must do in order to become a teacher. The again, I'm not taking notes or paying a ton of attention. And I am not interacting with her or the class at all.

Yesterday I went to Walmart, something I only do about once or twice a month. There was so much Valentine's Day stuff, it was crazy. And I have to admit that I was slightly envious of the giant stuffed bears that people at school would be getting on the 14th. I mean, I have never seen so many stuffed bears that were nearly as big as I am. I think it would be cool to someday get a stuffed bear or a box of chocolates from someone. I haven't really gotten anything like that except in little insignificant cards in elementary school and from my parents and grandparents.

Yesterday I sat down and went through old pictures and picked out ones for my senior page. I narrowed it down to about 15 pictures. I feel like a lot of my childhood was missed though, because there is a gap from the age of 7 to the age of 12. And there are quite a few high school pictures. A bunch of pictures had to be removed from the stack just because they were too dark or too blurry. And I bearly have any pictures of me as a baby. I have the ones from my birth and a few when I was a couple months old, then it skips to when I was two or three.

My mom printed some of the pictures out from our family computer, and I got to take the ones that were not chosen for senior page to use in my SMASH book. I am really excited, because now I have more than one picture in it.One page that I worked on this morning is basically a collage of me in pictures that I was dressed up for. The pages are purple and pink, and it says "You look nice today" in the middle of one of the two pages. Then I put one picture of me as a baby, in a blue dress, one picture of me in like eighth grade at my cousin's wedding, and one picture from last year when I went to prom. I felt that it went with the "you look nice" text very well. Then I took and put squiggles and curlies around the pictures. I still have like two more pictures to pu tdown and decorate. And, I have to say, the half glue stick/half pen thing that came with the SMASH book is really useful for on-the-go SMASH-ing.

I got to have coffee this morning, so my brain is running like a billion miles an hour compared to yesterday. I am typing really fast also, hence the large paragraphs. It is hard to believe that it is already February. Only a little more than 100 days until graduation. Like 120, I think. I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave Tarkington High School or not. I think I'm ready to leave everything but the friends. I'll have facebook and youtube to keep in touch with them though, so it won't be that bad.

I have sent transcripts and SAT scores to both of the universities that I plan on attending, so I should get my acceptance letters sometime soon. Tomorrow I plan on calling the SHSU people and trying to get a way to check my application status online. They were supposed to have sent me an e-mail with the log-in info in it, but I never got the e-mail and the person that I tried to contact to remedy the problem won't call me back.

I am really looking foreward to college and stuff. My mom and Grandma say that if I don't get accepted, I can still just go to junior college for a year, but I really don't want to go to junior college. That would mean driving to school every day. And I would have to see people I know. And I would still have to deal with my family all the time, instead of escaping them for a month at a time by living in a dorm. And my brother did agree to the vlog communication thing, I just have to make sure that he doesn't forget. I also want it to be summer so that I can dye my hair red and wear shorts all the time and work on video stuff. And actually have free time.

I'm gonna go check for new lifescouts badges. DFTBA!

Elizabeth W.