February 11, 2013

How the Second Blog Came to be...

Yesterday, I was on a chat with the people in my sociology project group. We are basically four random strangers thrown together for the amuzement of a professor, and we have to write a research paper together. However, the chat would not work right and kept disconnecting. So, we moved our project over to blogger. This is the first time that I have ever worked with people that I have never met, besides the 365 nerds project, so I think it is going rather well. I added all of them as authors so they can post whenever and whatever. Hopefully,  it will work out.

I finished reading "Looking for Alaska" this morning and began two other books: The Fault in Our Stars and The Tao of Pooh. One of which is about taoism and how it relates to Winnie the Pooh, and the other is a John Green novel about two cancer patients who are teenagers. I think I'm going to give up on Dreamcatcher by Stephen King for right now. I think I'm too occupied with other things. I'll write down the page number that I am on and read the rest of it someday in the future.

The date I went on Saturday was fun. We went to the mall and saw a movie and went out to eat and talked about everything under the sun. I can't categorize it as good or bad in the way that everyone wants me to because I have nothing to compare it to. That was the first date I have ever been on. He is also the first guy I have been with for more than two days. Unless you count the "we're little kids and we think we like like eachother so we'll sit by eachother and hold hands and pass notes" thing that I had with a kid when I was in first or second grade.

My best friend and I talked about it and she said that I have to tell her when it becomes official. But what is "official" really? When we go out on our first date? When we hold hands for the first time? When he asks me if I would be his girlfriend (do guys do that, or is that just a fairytale thing?)? I am really truly confused by this relationship stuff.

I am also not used to being in any kind of relationship. I keep forgetting that there is a person that I might need to text or talk to at least once a day. I am really bad at relationships.

I got my prom dress this weekend also. I an $800 dress for about $100. It was at this thing called "The 27 Dresses Project" that a local business started. Basically, everyone donated their prom dresses from previous years. Then, girls who don't have the ability to buy dresses get their dresses for free and everyone else gets their dresses at a discounted price. My dress was the first one that you saw when you walked in the door. It is long and green and it makes me feel like a princess when I wear it. I looked through all of the other dresses and I couldn't find anything that I really liked. So, I went and tried on the green dress, even though I had been told that a bunch of people had tried it on and it didn't fit any of them right. It fit perfectly. My mom told me that I couldn't gain any weight between now and prom though, and I need to do a little more exercising and healthy eating to make sure of it.

This morning I found out that one of my best friends is going to prom with another friend of mine, and they are going as the Doctor and the TARDIS. She's buying a TARDIS dress and he's going to find a fez and bow tie. I know that It isn't me going as a tardis, but I'm still excited.

I have a book to read and another blog to check on, so I'll see you later.

Elizabeth Walker