February 15, 2013

HARK! The Weekend Comes! And A Contest Too!

I am so ready for saturday to be here. This week seemed to drag on and on. I hope to be able to do some video making tomorrow, but I have to take a test in DC Sociology and do some chores before I can do that.

Yesterday, I brought home the teddy bear that my dearest got me for valentines day, only to find that it is literally taller than John, my little brother who is in 1st grade! He is a small first grader compared to most, but that is still kinda crazy. I sat it on the corner of my bed and it took up like a fourth of the twin size matress! I have a feeling that the bear may make cameos in future videos though. Just a feeling...

Speaking of teddy bears, I am really terrible at naming things and the bear needs a name! (I will post a picture of it shortly) PLEASE help me! Just comment what you think the bear's name should be. At the end of the month, I'll take all of the names that you have given and put them in some kind of poll or random drawing in order to figure out what the name of the bear will be. You can comment here or on my youtube videos or even tell me on Google+. Just get the names to me and you will be able to have the name in the running for the contest.

Why am I doing a contest, you might ask? Well, I want to do this to get some audience interaction, ANNND because yesterday the blog reached over 4000 views! I feel like that is a good enough excuse to celebrate with a contest.

Last night I had a dream that I was explaining a concept in a book I'm reading to my grandmother. The book is "The Tao of Pooh", which is a book discussing the main ideas of taoism through Winnie the Pooh and his friends. I think the book is rather interesting (And I'm reading it for knowledge and enjoyment, NOT to convert to taoism!). The concept is called Wu Wei and it is basically the idea of going through life and just going with the flow. You don't worry and stress over things and you don't force things to happen, you just let them happen in their own time.

I think this is a philosophy that I started trying to live my life by about a year or two ago. Basically, I stopped stressing about things that I cannot change and just doing what I had to to meet my level of giving 110%. I stopped worrying so much about what others thought and just kind of started going with the flow instead of rushing everything. I really think that the philosophy of Wu Wei, or The Pooh Way, as the book calls it, is a great way to live a happy life.

I think I am becoming sort of a trendsetter. I don't really mean to be, but I have started noticing people who copy me. Or at least they are doing something that I have been doing for a long time. First of all, I have a bunch of sock monkeys, and I have 3 sock monkey keychains on my backpack. I have gotten many compliments on them and I have started seeing others with these same kind of keychains on their backpack here recently. I've had the keychains for at least two years, and I haven't seen any others until this year. Crazy, right? And I think there might be a unicorn backpack fad on its way, because I keep getting compliments on my Unicorn backpack (its shaped like a unicorn and looks like a stuffed animal). I'm not sure if its a good thing or not that people are starting to copy me, or if its just my imagination. Either way, it is an interesting phenomenon.

Happy Friday!

Elizabeth W.