February 22, 2013

Laugh, Kukubara, Laugh...

Kukubara sits in the old gum tree
Merry merry king of the bush is he
Laugh, Kukubara laugh
Kukubara, gay your life must be...

Lizardbreath sits near the old gum tree
Hears Mr. Kukubara laugh at she
Die, Kukubara die
You know not the worries of that lady...

Yes, that was rather violent, but it got across a point (hopefully). Actually, I really just have that song stuck in my head and I thought I might be able to share it so you could join in on the suffering... ANYWAY, I am super worried about a million different things right now. I am like a stress toy being squished in on every side and I cannot return to my original shape. I am also extremely tired and I have a million different things to do.

The field trip yesterday was fun, and I managed to get some decent video out of it. I have some interesting ideas as to what I will do, but I can guarantee that it will be something Youtube-worthy. It may take a week or so before I post it though, because I am, as previously stated, SUPER BUSY!!!

Tomorrow we have a clinic for One Act Play. That means that from 10:00 AM to about 7:00 PM I will be gone and I cannot work on homework or anything. I have a quiz in Aquatic Science on monday, I have at least one scholarship that has to be mailed before the end of next week and several others to work on, I have to call the people at SHSU to get them my SSN that they were missing, and I have to learn the lines for two plays. I think theres more, but I cannot recall at the moment.


Oh, and the reason I used the "stress toy" analogy earlier was that I saw this thing on ThinkGeek that I really really really really really want. Its a Doctor Who Adipose stress toy. Remember the episode with the weight loss drug and the little fat creatures that were really aliens but they were completely made of fat? Yeah, its one of those creatures. And its a stress toy. And its absolutely adorable. However, they are sold out on thinkgeek and they cost like $40 on Amazon.com, but they're like $25 or so one Ebay and the next time I have $25 to spend, I WILL have my own adipose toy. Oh, and did you know that the word adipose tissue actually refers to fat? I never realized that they wree being scientifically accurate. Yay for nerds and british people! Man, I bet this blog would sound really good if it were read out lound in a british accent...

I really need some sleep and some time off from life. I don't want to die, I just want to take a vacation. I would say that spring break would work, but 1) that is not soon enough and 2) I have only 2 days of spring break that will not be taken up by stuff...

Anyway, so enough with that rant. I have been filling out scholarship applications like crazy and one of them asked about what I have learned about patriotic duty from the Pledge of Allegiance. So, this morning when I began writing the essay, which has to be like two pages long, I had to search through my brain to find something that would make sense when I regurgitated it on paper and I realized that I had never actually thought about what the pledge was saying. It was always just a kind of daily monologue that everyone had to recite. I think this essay might bring a little more meaning to it, but I think I just want to get the essay over with and all. I am a patriotic person, but I despise writing essays, especially hard to answer ones like that.

See you on monday, or maybe tomorrow.

Elizabeth W.