February 13, 2013

Valentines and Repeat Reading...

Valentines day is tomorrow and I am very much unprepared. I do not have any of the cards or gift things ready that I plan to give out. My little brother doesn't even have his store-bought valentines yet. That means we have to go to the store, AKA fight the candy-filled madness today. I'm kinda scared but slightly excited.

I had coffee today for the first time since friday. I feel really amazing. I am a little tired, but I feel awake. I think if I can keep my coffee intake down to about three times a week or so, I should be better off. I won't have to worry about caffeine headaches and whatnot. Plus, it will be a little healthier.

I am reading TFIOS again. I know that I only finished it yesterday, but I really want to read it again and I think I have the mental capability. Normally, I cannot read a book a second time. I just already know what is going to happen and cannot find joy in re-reading it. However, TFIOS seems to have more in it than meets the eye. There is all kinds of symbolism and a ton of quotable things that I didn't catch the first time through. Plus, there are a ton of details that I missed the first time through.

I think it is kind of funny that Hazel in TFIOS has a book that she is obsessed with reading and reads over and over again. I think TFIOS might become something like that to me, at least a little bit.

A major theme in TFIOS is that everything will be forgotten unless we find a way to make it remembered. In the book, it is stated that for every person living in the world right now, there are at least fourteen dead people. Many of them will never be remembered because they didn't do anything that survived the test of time or they didn't get credit for whatever they did, even if that thing is still remembered.

I have always been concerned with leaving something for people to remember me by. I feel like even though I am rather young, I should go ahead and start leaving a legacy for others to remember me by. That is kind of the reason that I blog, or at least one of the reasons. I can document what I think and believe and experience so that others can see it, whether they know me or not. And, this will be around as long as blogger and the internet exist.

Sometimes I sit here and wonder who reads this stuff, and what they think of it. Do I affect their thinking in any way? I know that a few of my friends and relatives read it, but it shows that the blog is viewed not only in the US but also in Germany and the UK, as well as Russia and Thailand and Singapore and Australia. Used to, even just a telephone call to someone that far away was amazing. Now I am being able to share what I think and feel with people in places that I have only dreamed of visiting.

Yesterday, my little brother had a performance with the rest of the first graders. It was a musical and factual performance called "Its a Small World". They all dressed up as people from different countries and sang songs in different languages. It was absolutely adorable. However, it makes me think about how small the world is actually becoming. We are all interconnected by the internet and planes and boats and television and phones. The world is becoming smaller every day and we are gaining the ability to communicate and do things that our ancestors only dreamed of.

I just think its really really cool that a world so big can be so small at the same time.

Elizabeth W.