February 8, 2013

Night 1 In Review

Yesterday was an excruciatingly long day. First there was the school part, which was okay, but it seemed to drag on forever. I presented my composition in spanish class from memory, and I think I did pretty well. I've gotten to the point in learning spanish that if I can't remember exactly what the word is, I can say something like it that means the same thing. Basically, I can just wing it if I have to. Then, I went to comedy throwdown. For the first night, it went rather well. There was only a minor amount of confusion, and the production class was really funny. Tonight and Saturday night should be a lot smoother and hopefully a lot more entertaining.

Taylor, I can see you while I'm typing this. Your class just came into the library computer lab and I can see you through the doorway. You're sitting by Michael. But, now the teacher closed the door. If you're not Taylor, feel free to ignore this paragraph that you just read. I made it small so that It is less obvious. Then again, that may make it more obvious. Either way, carry on.

I think the most hilarious thing that I have ever seen at comedy throwdown was my freshman year. I wasn't on an improv team, but I got to come and watch. One game, I can't even remember what it was, had these kids in production or one of the higher up theatre classes doing a scene. I can remember this blond kid speaking in a british accent and saying that he was like spiderman swinging down from a tall building. For some reason, it was absolutely hilarious.

Comedy Throwdown is modeled after a thing that happens in Houston called Comedy Sports. Its basically an improv show with quite a bit of audience interaction. I have never actually been to comedy sports, but I assume that it is rather fun.

Personally, improv is not my thing. I can do it, but I'm not that funny. I like to be dramatic, and I'm much better when I have lines, or at least some idea of what to say. I'mnot very quick or witty, except when I think afterwards of things I could have said.

I have a spanish quiz today, and I just made the flashcards this morning. PROCRASTINATION FOR THE WIN! Actually, I just haven't had the time to study until today. So, hopefully I can manage to stuff the last ten words into my brain that I haven't yet memorized.

The other day, my brother asked me what my blog is about. I responded with "Whatever I want it to be about!". I really, for the life of me cannot categorize the blog in that way. I talk about everything from my life to my schoolwork to college to books to movies to video making to random projects that I am working on. I really have no set topic. I think that I like it that way though. It lets me say and do whatever I want. I don't have to fit into a mold that I've set for myself. I can be goofy  or I can be serious. I have heard it said that one of the things about humans is that they try to categorize things. I think its just too impossible to categorize some things, this blog being one of them.


Pedaling. Constantly. I make my way up the large hill, although around here it could almost be considered a mountain. Finally. I breathe heavily, for I haven't done this in months. She sits there in her shorts and t-shirt, not winded at all, but waiting patiently. I pull the water from the small basket in front and take a nice long drink, cooling off to some extent. The sun beats heavily down on our backs and the tops of your heads. Thank God for sunscreen. The road is wide ahead, but curvy and rather intimidating. What happens if I lean too far one way? What if I crash off of the side? Nothing but a muddy ditch to break my fall. I turn on the camera and place it in the basket, pointing foreward. I may or may not ever do this again, for I am an extreme scaredy cat. Either way, I want to know what it would look like from that point of view. This is why I am friends with her, I tell myself. I need someone to push me to live a little and do seemingly crazy things like this. My heart is pounding in my ears. "Ready?" she asks. I nod, and we begin to edge foreward, only seconds away from a roller coaster experience. Then, the machines start moving on their own, pulled downward by the eternal force of gravity. We quickly pick up our feet, and we are off. The farther we get down the hill, the faster we go. I hear her exclamation of joy, and I try to do the same, but the noise is muffled by the wind rushing by our ears. She passes me up and we zoom around the curves with ease. Finally ride is over and the road straightens out enough to begin pedaling again.

Whoo! That was like experiencing that bike ride all over again. Wow.

By the way, don't forget to visit my lifescouts blog page, whic has a link up in the top left corner of the page. I post on there at least once a week, and I have stories to go along with all of the badges.

Elizabeth W.