February 20, 2013


I am rather conflicted at the moment. I have come across an anachronism in my script that I am writing. And I cannot decide if I should remove it or not. It makes a rather clear outside reference that I feel would be funny, but the word itself did not have that meaning until the 1950s and the story is set in 1916. GRRRR. I guess I'll just leave it for now and go back and change it later if I decide its too anachronistic.

I also officially have an editor. My dear friend, Ellen, has volunteered to be my "Ilene" (Vlogbrothers reference!) after she read what I had written so far. I think she just likes the idea of getting to read my progress before anyone else. But, she is a writer herself and I really like the work that she has done so far. I feel like she would do a great job at helping me make the script something more do-able and making sure it is as it should be. She actually wrote the play that our class is performing this semester. She has experience and I am very thankful that I now have someone that can help me in my quest.

I was looking through stuff yesterday and I opened up a plastic tub, and on the inside it smelled like a skunk. Or something dead. It was rather horrific. I dug out all the stuff and there wasn't really anything that I could find that would have caused the smell. However,I did find a doll in the box. Remember "water babies"? The dolls that you filled up with warm water to make them feel like real babies? It was one of them and I think the water had started leaking out and soured and caused the smell. Of course, the water had ONLY been there since I was like seven years old.

I really need to get on with writing, so I must say adeiu early. Also, I am going on a field trip tomorrow to an art museum, so I am sure that you will hear all about that in the blog post tomorrow. Hopefully I can post on the bus ride, via my phone.

Elizabeth W.