February 27, 2013

Moving on up...

I actually wrote an essay with that same title once. Currently, I am 25th of 48 in the stock market game. Whoo. I have changed rankings many many times today. I almost didn't post because the internet was being terribly slow and glitchy.

I feel like there is something that I should be doing, but I can't think of anything. I should probably study for my spanish test before 7th period, but I think that I'll wait until next period. I always study for spanish then.

There are people around me. I really really don't enjoy this. And they're loud and they keep moving around. AAAA! I am such an introvert.

If you ever meet me in real life, don't crowd me or anything. I really don't enjoy being touched by people or even being around people. I'll probably freak out. And if I don't I'll probably be freaking out on the inside.

Elizabeth W.