September 30, 2014


Puddin' seemed to be better this morning. Not completely better, but at least more energetic and happy. So, we're not out of the woods yet, but we can see the light up ahead.


I stayed up way too late last night. WHY? EXTREME COUPONING. We left the house around 6 to go grocery shopping and didn't make it back until like 10. And I didn't get into bed until 11-ish. I am SO tired. But it was worth it.

At the beginning of the trip, I had about 150 or so printed coupons and my mom had several hundred store-specific digital coupons on her phone. Yes, there's an app for that. Plus, there were special deals at the stores.

The original plan was to go to Dollar General, the local scratch-and-dent grocery store, Kroger, Sams Club, and Target. The scratch and dent was closed before we got there. Sams was closed before we got there.

At Dollar General, we didn't buy a lot. But we stocked up on canned soups of various kinds. Like, the Campbells Chunky soups that are a minimum of $2.50 when they're on sale? Yeah, we got them for $1 each. And we got a ton of condensed soups for reduced prices. It was awesome. Oh, and I bought hair dye for $1. I normally pay at least $6 for a box of hair dye. We got some cereal and ended up getting a box free also. Coupons and dollar stores for the win! Dollar General total? $30.

Mmmmm. Coffee. Well, almost black coffee, so not as mmmm as I would like. But still good. And caffeine!

Kroger was crazy. That place already has tons of discounts. AND there are coupons that you can add to your Kroger card via your phone app. AND they take double coupons. Sweetness. Even some of the things we didn't get with a coupon were nicely priced. Like 10 dial hand soaps for $10. And we stocked up on deodorant and razors ($4 for a pack of 6 razors that are normally $8!!!) and various other soaps and tp and paper towels and febreeze (we have like 4 bottles of febreeze now) and more canned soups and fruit snacks and frozen pizzas and frozen vegetables and all kinds of other stuff.

We ended up having 2 buggies (shopping carts, whatever) full of stuff. My mom had one and I had one. The things that I had 2 coupons that weren't double-able for, I took one and she took one. There was so much stuff. It ended up being a little over $500.

We went to Target last. We don't normally go to Target. But the Super Target nearest to us is HUGE. And its so empty at 9:00 at night. We just bought shampoo and dry shampoo and hairspray that we had coupons for. Three huge bottles of Tresemme shampoo for $8. Freaking yes. And then dry shampoo and stuff with a slightly smaller discount (I forgot a coupon). We spent like $30 at Target.

Overall, we spent a little more than we meant to, but we saved around $300. That's $300 worth of stuff that we basically got for free. And we won't have to buy shampoo, deodorant, razors, hand soap, bar soap, paper towels, toilet paper, febreeze, detergent, toothbrushes, dry shampoo, or anything like that for a while. Like, 3 to 6 months for some of this stuff. I'm still pumped about it. You can't tell it by looking at me, but I totally am.

I made a video about it. Its my vlog for today on the KEEYSS channel. It should be up later today. I'm thinking that I'm going to put it on my normal channel too. And make it a series. It will only be once every month or two that I make a video for it, but I think it will be cool. In a nerdy kind of way.

The only thing is that I would like to start looking through coupons on a regular basis in order to build up my stock of coupons and REALLY save money. Like, be able to get things free. The people at stores will hate me, but its totally legal, so I don't care. The only thing is, I don't like paying $2.50 for a newspaper to JUST get the coupons out of it. I'm going to do a little research about the Grocery Game, because my mom used to do that when she would do extreme couponing. But I'm not sure if its worth it. I need to make friends with someone who gets the paper but doesn't use the coupons. We shall see if that is possible.


September 29, 2014

Poor Puppy

I was going to be all happy and stuff today. I was going to blog about my beginning adventures in extreme couponing. But that has to wait.

Today started crappily. I hardly slept last night. I kept tossing and turning and waking up. And there was bad news awaiting me when I woke up.

Last night, when we brought Puddin' in for the night, she was acting weird. Not eating much and being really quiet and moving slowly. We started getting worried. Some of our basset hound puppies died the other day because they were sick. And Puddin' threw up 2 times early this morning. And she's not eating still. I even took a plate of rice with chicken broth out to her (not wasting, it was in the fridge and no one was going to eat it, and I only took a little). And I've been crying off and on all morning. I sat outside with her for about 15 minutes.

I know that I complain a lot about Puddin', but I really do love her. And I generally keep my distance from animals because of this. I love them and then they die. And if I stay unattached, I don't hurt like this. But I didn't do that this time. We've only had her a little more than a year. But she is such a sweet dog. And she makes the house less lonely. And she's kinder than any of the basset hounds. And she's super cute. And I'm crying again.

I've also been praying for her nonstop since I woke up. I know that most people would say "its just a dog" "what a dumb thing to waste prayer on". But I am a child of a loving God who answers prayers. It may not be his will to keep her here, but I really hope that it is. I need a miracle. Things don't look good. Normal people would just say to get another puppy if something happens to her. But I don't want another puppy. :(

I think I may go outside and sit with her some more in a bit. I have to do homework first.

If she dies, John will be heartbroken. Of course, so will I.

I have to film a vlog today. I may just talk about couponing on that, so as to not make everyone depressed.

Gosh, I need a hug and a good cry.

I think I'm only going to get the cry.

Pray, please.

Oh, and these pictures are old. From when she was just a little puppy. Just a little more than a year ago.


September 26, 2014


I'm excited that its Friday. Especially since I don't have a lot of homework to do. And I'm home alone. And I want to start decorating my Faith Journal. Its just a composition book, so its kinda boring right now.

I did get a pretty cool verse down yesterday. 1 Corinthians 15:58, and its on my Instagram if you want to see it written down.

I woke up a little after 9 this morning. Apparently I was tired when I crawled into bed last night. It was like 9:45-ish when I went to sleep, judging from my text messages. I slept almost 12 hours! CRAZY!

My mom and I went grocery shopping yesterday, so I got to have fresh fruit for breakfast this morning. And by that, I mean I ate half of an orange and put the rest in the fridge to eat later.

I ordered my ren fest skirt last night.  I'm excited. Sarah already got hers in the mail. She sent me a picture and it looks awesome. I want to wait until I get the skirt to see about ordering the corset. My mom says I should just go without the corset, but I still want to wear it. The skirt is more of a bright red than I would have liked, but it was the closest I could get for the price.

I kinda want to burn a cd of gypsy-ish ren fest-ish songs for Sarah and I to listen to on the way there. I'm not sure if Sarah would listen to them though. Like, Gypsy by Shakira. And Raggle Taggle Gypsy, but the version by Nickel Creek. And some others. Idk. Maybe I'll just make sure that I have them on my phone.

Happy Friday!


September 25, 2014

Upstairs Coffee and Introvert Issues

This morning, I decided that I was going to need coffee (we're all out of oolong tea at home), so I'm upstairs above the library today. I got here early enough and I have a seat in one of the cafe chairs/tables near the window. It should be nice when the sun comes out. Right now, the sky is kinda dark.

I have yet to get up and get my coffee. They took down the huge menu of drinks that was hanging above the coffee stand thingy the first week. There is no other menu anywhere. I guess I'll have to copy what someone else ordered. Everyone seems to be ordering hot coffee. And I can't hear them well enough to copy their order. And I don't want to look like an idiot or ask about anything. INTROVERT PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!! I'll have to do something soon though. I"m dying of thirst and I NEED caffeine.

I could almost see myself in an actual coffee shop someday in the future. Writing a blog, then working on one of the books I'm writing. I want to be that kind of author. It just seems like it would be cool. Way better than sitting at home and writing. Dang, the back of this chair is not meant for comfortable sitting.

I kinda want to take a webcam picture to show y'all. Lets risk it for the biscuit.

I actually had to scoot the laptop over so you couldn't see the guy sitting at the table behind me. Sorry for the frown-ish face. I didn't want it to seem like anything out of the ordinary was happening. I feel like I could never be a spy. I'm not good at this type of thing. One day, I want to do a follow-me-around vlog of a day at school. It might be interesting for some people.

OH! I forgot to tell y'all. I got a thing in the mail the other day from Google. AND I'M OFFICIALLY MAKING MONEY ON YOUTUBE! At least, I don't think I've said it here yet. Super exciting. I don't get any of it until I've made $100 or more though. That sucks. But I already have $25. That's pretty freaking amazing.

They have 3 people working in this tiny coffee shop. I'm amazed at how they move around so easily.  OMG. I figured out how to order because of spanish-speaking people. I'm a freak. I can understand their language better than my own. Of course, it was a mixture of spanish and english that they were speaking, but whatevs. A small coffee with cream it is. As soon as I get the motivation to go up there. Why do I have to have such troubles speaking to people. Its bothersome in so many ways. Here we go, I guess. As soon as these other people get done. Waiting... Passing the time by typing. So nervous. WHY??? I'm sitting here with my wallet in my lap. I feel like I look like an idiot. JUST ROLL WITH IT. Why is this lady taking so long? Gah, FINALLY! This is ridiculous.

Its super hot, not very sweet, and when I was putting sugar in it, I only put three packets and there were no stirring sticks that I could see. But after a few sips, it should be fine. I'm actually kinda glad its warm. Its nice. And it was only like $2 and something. Not yummy, but certainly caffeinated. I already feel more awake. Good. I needed that. I stayed up too late last night. Apparently they also have hot chocolate. I may have to try that at some point in the future. And the youngest girl working today reminds me A LOT of someone I know from Tarkington. But there's no way its her. She was younger than me. But she has almost the same personality and a similar face.

I should probably get to homework. I have an essay due for government today. And then I need to work on stuff for speech class that's due on Sunday. What fun.

I talked with my Jamberry recruiter(?) last night. I'm not really sure if that's what you would call it, but she's the consultant above me. She said she didn't make her second fast start either, but her third is going well. I'm hoping I can make my third, because there is NO way I can sell $515 in just a few days. I'm also going to take orders for gift jars. I need to go out and buy some cheap jars and stuff and make up one or two, then I can take orders. I'm thinking that I'll do the option of a half sheet or whole sheet, depending on how much they're willing to pay.

They play spanish and french influence instrumental music here. Its kinda nice. A little annoying. This would be the perfect place to people watch though.

I need to do homework, I guess. I've been here like 45 minutes.

I think one day in the future, I will sit outside. I just have to find a spot with little sunlight so that I can still see my computer screen.


September 24, 2014

Cold Again...

Its getting cold again. And by cold, I mean its like 60 and 70 degrees in the mornings and evenings. Its cold for me. Not for normal human beings that can produce their own body heat. But at least I can turn off the window unit for most of the day.

Now I'm procrastinating because I don't want to work on homework. But I have science homework due tonight, a government essay due friday, speech homework due sunday, and theatre stuff due tuesday. I miss the break from homework that I had. Although I probably should have used it to get ahead.

I have been doing Jamberry stuff while I'm blogging though. I just ordered new catalogs. And I'm going to order my skirt for Ren Fest in a couple days. I'm pairing it with my brother's amazon order of a fleugelhorn so that I can have free shipping. I don't  have enough money for the corset yet though. :(

When we went resale shopping yesterday, I got out with only spending about $20 and all of that was cash. I was afraid I would spend all of my money. SUCCESS. Of course, I'm out of cash now.

I got like 3 scarves, 2 purses because I couldn't decide between them, several rings, two necklaces, a head necklace sparkly thing that I have no clue what its called, 2 bracelets, and some anklets that are too small. But I'm going to make it work. Oh, and the skirt that I'm going to buy comes with a belt also. And the moustache on this thing HAS to go. I don't want a moustache in the middle of my forehead.

I woke up with really crazy hair this morning, so I decided to kinda go with it and curl it. I'm not good at curling hair. But I think it looks okay. And its not like I'm going anywhere important today. And even if I do, I'll rock it and look hella cute anyway.

I've been listening to a ton of Shakira and Beyonce lately. IDK WHY BUT I LOVE IT TOO MUCH. My pandora station hasn't left the Shakira station in several days.

I got stuff to do.


September 23, 2014

Time for a little sermon

Today, I am at the back of the library for reasons. Its a lot more quiet back here. Technically, its for "Silent Study". I feel like my typing is too loud.  My stomach also hurts. Oh well.

Today, after theatre class and before Biology lab, Sarah and I are going resale shopping for costume stuff. I'm SO excited! Hopefully I can find some of the things that I would otherwise have to buy online. And we should be able to find lots of gypsy-ish jewelry. WHOO!

Last night, I was in the shower and I was kinda thinking over the stuff that was going to go down today. This led me to think about money and I was kinda freaking out. In fact, I still need to go through and see how much money I can spend today. Anyway, I crawled in bed afterward and I hopped on facebook to see what was going on before I went to sleep. And a random thing popped up on my feed that caught my attention. The facebook page for my local christian radio station (KSBJ!) had shared a pin from pinterest about making a faith journal. So, I looked at the pin and was thinking that this was a pretty good idea. In fact, I am planning on finding a journal that is empty when I get home to do this with.

But for some reason, this led me to search Beth Moore quotes on pinterest. And I found a TON. And I love Beth Moore because it was her bible studies that I was used to in middle and high school when Mrs. Wendy was my sunday school teacher. And when I was in that class, I felt close to God and like I was learning and growing spiritually. And likewise with the lessons of Francis Chan (I searched for his quotes next). I even ended up watching a couple of his videos last night.

For the first time in about a month, I felt myself calling out to Christ, saying "God, Can you hear me? I need you now more than ever". And I think its times like that that God loves us most. When we're willing to say that we need him over all of these earthly things. And as I get started with my Faith Journal this evening, I hope that I can manage to get back to where I was with God and stop this outrageous backsliding. I mean, God is always with me, but sometimes I feel like maybe I'm not with him. Or maybe that I've forgotten about him. I need to be clinging to his coattails instead of pretending he's not there.

Another thing that I wanted to discuss this morning was that yesterday, my parents were watching a video and I was sitting nearby, listening to it. It was about this lady who went back to her home town and it had been taken over by Islamic extremists. They were telling her that she would go to hell along with everyone else who was not part of Islam. And that the way that she was dressed was as if she was trying to seduce someone or be seduced (I'm assuming that she wasn't extremely unmodest, though I wasn't seeing the visual of the video). And they wouldn't let her get a word in edgewise. And they were treating her like she didn't belong even though this was her home town.

This is wrong. SO wrong. And I'm not happy with the complacency of the US government about this ordeal. I mean, apparently we love to stick our grubby fingers in everyone's business when it deals with oil or paying people off or trying to set up a new government, but when it comes to tons of people being executed and whatnot, apparently our government leaders DON'T CARE. I'm sick of it.

Its becoming so that Christians are being targeted also. Mainly in other countries, but still. Those are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Why should we just stand by while they're killed and persecuted for the same beliefs that we have.

Francis Chan said in one of the videos that Christians nowadays often live like they're not under any pressure for time and that its okay to stay in their safe zone. A little bit of unsteadiness in their lives and they sit down and hang on for dear life to the balance beam that they are standing on. They don't want to fall, but they don't move forward and reach people for Jesus and love them and show them God's love. And when their life ends, they expect to still hear  "Well done, my good and faithful servant" when they were the most lazy servant of all. And I know that I'm guilty of this too. But I want to stop. I want to reach out and love people and not be afraid of what I believe in. Because the only thing we have to fear is death and death to us is just another beginning. We get to go up to heaven and live with our king and creator for all eternity. Why should we dread that? And this is extremely hard for me to say, because I am scared of dying and anything surrounding death.

Anyway. I've got work to do. An essay to work on. A couple chapters to read. A check book to balance. Oolong tea to drink. And all that jazz. Hasta mañana.


September 22, 2014

Sleepy Monday Morning and Gypsies

The house is super quiet this morning. Why? Because I'm not alone. My mom is sick and had to stay home from church yesterday and work today. The house just seems extra quiet. I can hear birds chirping and the ceiling fan whirring away. When my phone buzzes because of a text message, it almost seems too loud.

All of this silence makes me want to crawl in bed and go back to sleep. At 8:45 this morning, I forced myself to get out of bed and take a shower, but I would have loved to just roll over and continue sleeping. Even now, I'm tempted to bring a blanket from my bed over here to the shelf/desk so that I can be comfy and warm while I blog and do homework.

I started working on my Ren Fest costume yesterday. Sarah and I decided that we are going as gypsies, which is odd, since I totally thought she would say pirates, but gypsies are just as fun. Plus, we've done pirates before for halloween and stuff. My gypsy costume idea is kinda inspired by Shakira, which probably seems odd. I saw this video of her live performance of Gypsy at one of her concerts (I LOVE THAT SONG!) and I fell in love with the outfit that she was wearing. Also, side note, Shakira is so pretty! As a short-ish person (I'm actually like 3 inches taller than Shakira) with tiny boobs, I look up to Shakira as a fashion person. She's so confident and smart and beautiful!

So, I"m trying to find a skirt similar in color and style to that one. I want it to be red of some kind, but I'm having a hard time finding one like that in my price range. I mean, if I had $50 to spend, I could buy one like that or one that was meant for actual belly dancing (I think it would be cool to learn how to belly dance, btw). Sadly, I'm a poor college kid and even a $20 skirt is going to be difficult to buy.

I could never convince my mother to let me wear something that shows my stomach (or is half see through), so I can't wear a top like Shakira's. Darn. Instead, I have a white peasant top that I use for my ariel costume that I'll probably use.

I am buying a new corset for the occasion though. Its black and only goes around the waist (technically, its called an underbust corset). I found a cheap one on Amazon for like $15 or something.

Then there's all the accessories. Apparently, gypsies wore all of their jewelry and valuables as both a display of wealth and to keep them safe. I mean, you'll know if someone is trying to steal your stuff if its attached to your body, right? So, for this to be anywhere close to accurate, I need a ton of bling and sparkles and whatnot. I have been searching through my own collection of stuff to get started on this.

I found a bunch of silver gaudy dangly earrings that have never been worn. My grandma on my dad's side gave them to me a while back. They're not anything that I would wear on a regular basis, but they're perfect for this. Plus, I have enough for Sarah to have some too if she wants them. These are my favorites. I also need to look through my scarves to see what I have to use. I have a bunch of scarves, but I'm not sure that any of them will go. I am going to buy a gypsy scarf (like, the ones with all the coin things on them) from amazon for like $5 or so. I want to get a black one. I also have a couple of belts that I think will go with the costume.

For my feet, I'm wearing my "Jesus shoes" sandals. They're plain leather strappy sandals. I think they'll go pretty well. Sarah sent me a picture of the shoes that she's wearing and they're PERFECT. Leather sandals with beads around the ankle. Mildly jealous.

I have no clue what I'm doing for my hair. I guess I'll do wavy-ish hair with a flower headband or a scarf or something. Most gypsies seemed to have long hair, and I'm kinda lacking there. I've got ALMOST shoulder length hair. And it doesn't like to do much.  Like, ponytails are still pretty much impossible. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

Sarah and I are probably going to go shopping for accessories this week after school. We want to look at Resale shops and stuff for accessories and costume pieces. It was brought up in a discussion between me and Andrew that I could make some of the stuff myself, but I'm like HECK NO. I hate sewing. And yesterday I just started working on this cuff/bracelet thing for the costume and I'm still not finished and I can't decide if I hate it or not.

I have to film a vlog today. I'm not sure what to talk about. I think I might talk about the first time I went to Ren Fest. I still have pictures from that, actually. Pictures of random stuff really. And I only vaguely remember it.

I still don't know what homework I need to do today. I should probably figure that out.

ALSO! I painted a thing this weekend and its now for sale as the original AND for sale on Redbubble as stickers and prints and cards and posters and shirts and pillows and tote bags and whatnot. It would be great if you would buy something, because then I can have a better costume, haha.

Original Painting:
Stickers and Stuff:


September 19, 2014



Seriously! Just pick a week in September or October to have a party! I'm not limiting myself on the amount of parties I have anymore! I NEED SOMEONE TO BOOK A PARTY! There is nothing to lose! Its totally online and free! Just a little extra time on facbook!

Or, you can make a purchase and get nails at a fantastic price any time here:

Now that that's out of the way. On to business.

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about how I want to do creative things but keep feeling like I can't. I talk myself out of doing them or get half way through and give up or get bored. GAH! CREATIVE BLOCK!

But in other news, I'm super excited about planning my costume for ren fest. I was pinteresting last night before I went to bed and found a lot of ideas. I don't want to actually make anything though, so the whole costume depends on what I can buy at thrift shops or online. And I'm looking to go super cheap. Its either going to be a pirate, fairy, or gypsy costume. Still deciding. I need to talk it over with Sarah on Tuesday.

Its also Friday, which means the weekend is here! I get to do whatever I want to after I finish my homework for speech! I'm also kinda looking forward to school on Tuesday because I have another lab, which means Sarah and I can go out to eat and do whatever for like 2 hours. Last time, we went flooring shopping for our dream homes. This time, I'm pretty sure we're shopping for dream wedding dresses. Its funny, because sales people take you seriously and try to help you, but you kinda have to tell them no 90% of the time. Sorry sales people.


September 18, 2014

Rainy Thursday

Normally, rainy days have almost no effect on my life. I just stay inside if its raining. No big deal. But now that I'm going to college on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays, its kinda annoying. I'm really glad Sarah was driving this morning, because I kept looking at the road and thinking "wow, where are the lines? I can't see anything? How fast are we going?". The good news is that we made it here safe. Whoo. The bad news? Well, neither of us had an umbrella, so she went to her first class and I went to the library looking half-drowned. I'm glad I wore a hat today. This way, you can't see my horrid hair and I was less drowned-looking.

I'm freezing though. And its not like I dressed in a way that was unfit. Jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and flats. My flats are soaked, but will hopefully dry by the time I need to go to Theatre (just in time to get soaked again). I keep waiting for my oolong tea to help me warm up. My shirt is kinda wet, so my arms are cold. Brrrrr. But at least my Jamberry Jams look good. I applied them last night using a slightly different method. Instead of heating the wraps for 20 seconds then hurrying to get them on my nails, I put them on first, then held my finger in front of the heater for 20 seconds (ouchies, I know). They seem to be stuck down really well. I wish I could use the rice bag method though. I feel like it would work better for me. Sadly, I lack rice bags and a microwave.

Just today and tomorrow to get your order in for a drawing. AND if you want some free stuff, contact me on facebook to have a party. I would give you my email, but I don't want someone finding it who doesn't actually need it. You can be anywhere in the US or Canada and have a party and its totally free. I'll even send you some samples to get you started. If you're not one of these two places, I can at the most let you order, but you'll have to do it through me instead of the website. I don't think that's against the rules.

On my online store, I'm thinking that around Christmas I'll do Jamberry gift jars. They'll have a full sheet of jams, a cuticle pusher, an orange stick, an alcohol wipe, a file, and a pair of nail clippers. Maybe a rice bag too. And application instructions and a business card of course. I'll decorate them all cute like. And do them for like $25 plus $5 for shipping. They would make a really cute gift. I might can get the price lower if I can find cheaper orange sticks, cuticle pushers, nail clippers, and alcohol wipes. I'll have to look around. They'd also make great end of the year gifts for teachers and stuff. Idk. I need to work out the logistics and input/output of this before I make them up. They would be something like this. Would you buy it? What should I add? Let me know in the comments.

Well, I've decided that its time to get back to being a person and actually do a decent amount of homework today. I feel better than I have any other day of the week. I'm not joyful, but I'm not down in the dumps so much anymore. I have some energy back and at the moment I don't have a headache. Time to get back to being a person. Dang, I need some music. The world is too freaking quiet for me right now. What with the murmuring and whispering of the people in the library and the sniffles and squeaky chairs... See y'all tomorrow!


September 17, 2014

Recovering, I Guess

I really did not want to get out of bed this morning. Like, an immense blob of sadness was sitting on top of me and wouldn't let me get up. But it was already past 9, so I made myself get up and take a shower. I turned on Pandora and danced to "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift. I felt at least a little better when I did that. Singing and dancing generally makes me feel better. I took some Tylenol to combat my oncoming headache, took a letter down to the mailbox, and commenced to get on my computer and start doing the stuff that I need to do today.

Sarah and I went out for lunch yesterday since I had a lab instead of a lecture for biology, so class started at 3:00 instead of the normal 1:30. I've told a grand total of 2 people IRL about what happened. One girl in my Theatre class (I can't even remember her name) and Sarah. Its a hard situation to explain. And I really don't want to tell my mom, since she'll just say some form of "I told you so". Mom, some lessons just have to be learned irl. You can't warn someone about heartbreak and expect them to not go for it anyway.

I could really use a hug.

But lets get on to some Jamberry. Enough of my sob story.

Let's talk toes here for a sec!!! Just exactly how does one get those TWO Manis and TWO Pedis from one sheet? Let me show you how few wraps it takes to do a FULL Pedicure, take a look!!! And look at how much is left over!!! What?!?

COMMENT BELOW with a "Wow! That helps a lot!" or if you have a question, ask away! Compare this to a salon mani-pedi! Where you would pay at least $20 for just a manicure at the salon, these are less, and you get AT LEAST 2 manis and 2 pedis, plus they last longer than a week for only $15 a sheet. Totally sweet, right?

So check out our fall catalog and order yours today!

September 16, 2014

Avett Brothers kinda day

Shortly after I posted to the blog yesterday, something happened. Its not major and really effects only me and one other person. And I cried and yelled and regained my composure and hid it from everyone. No one knows that it has happened. But I feel like crying. In fact, there were two or three points this morning alone that I stopped myself from breaking down. I've lost something that I didn't want to let go of. I'll live, but at the moment its really hard. I put on a fake smile to keep going and pretend that I'm okay. I'm not sure that I can even explain what it is on here yet, but keep me in your prayers. And, no, I'm not hurt or anything. Its just emotional stuff. Boy problems if you want to be more specific. I haven't felt this broken in a while.

For just one chance to find
Love was someone that you loved to find
For just the sense to try
To walk ahead and leave the pain behind
If the days aren't easy and the nights are rough
When they ask you what you're thinking of
Say love, say for me love

I've decided that I really don't give a crap about my phone battery today, so I'm listening to The Avett Brothers on Pandora radio while I drink my Oolong tea and pretend that everything is normal.

Love writes a letter and sends it to hate.
My vacations ending. I'm coming home late.
The weather was fine and the ocean was great 
and I can't wait to see you again. 

Did you know that the same receptors in your brain that register physical pain are the ones that register emotional pain. That's why when your heart breaks, you can feel it like someone punched you in the gut. Its why you don't feel like eating or you want to sleep forever. Its why depression affects not just how you think, but also how your body feels. That's the not-so-fun fact of the day.

And I'll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
I'll know my name as it's called again

I swear, I'm the most depressing being on the face of the earth right now. But its all for the best. At least its supposed to be. I may end up in this same situation in 6 months. But if you love something, let it go, right? That's a stupid saying. What if it doesn't come back? Your loss.

Its better to feel pain, than nothing at all
The opposite of love's indifference
So pay attention now,
I'm standing on your porch screaming out
And I won't leave until you come downstairs

I would love to just pour out everything I feel and everything I need to say right here. But I shouldn't. This is the internet. Not a diary. People actually read this. And I don't want to hurt anyone more than I already have. I don't want anyone to confront me about whats wrong because I might not be able to stand it. I will probably just break down right there. I hate emotions. They're so inconvenient. God, now I sound like Sherlock.

Here's the Jamberry stuff for today, if you're still reading.

Ladies, I know many of you are new to Jamberry and have never tried our product. I wanted to show you how the competition holds up. I also want to assure you that Jamberry and I have your best interest in mind. We have a satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

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September 15, 2014

Busy Monday, Bookshelf, and Juniors!

I'm blogging today from  my newly created desk/bookshelf. Technically, its been a bookshelf for a year or more, but I have managed to convert one shelf into a desk. The only issue is that I have to sit on a creaky old chair without a back, which I'm not a big fan of. And it could be higher, since typing is almost uncomfortable. But it makes me sit up straight. And I'm not sitting at the freaking kitchen table.

I did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing yesterday when I got home from church. I switched my yarn collection into a bigger tote box, and got rid of some old toys and clothes and books and trash. My box of scrapbooking paper and whatnot got a bit of a cleaning and reorganizing. I put all of the stuff I've made to sell in a box together. And I found a bunch of mechanical pencils.

I also found a few different knick knacks and stuff to put on my shelf desk to make me happy. I have a tiny stuffed elephant that I've had since I graduated kindergarten, a little jar I bought a long time ago from the dollar store that says  "Vacation fund" on it, my collection of rubber ducks that I won in spanish class in high school, and a plastic cat with rhinestones for eyes. I want to paint the cat a different color though. Right now its this ugly brown and gree color. I think it either needs to be solid black or covered in different color/size flowers. Whatcha think?

I have lots of stuff to do today. I almost don't want to work on homework because of all of the other stuff to do. I have a facebook jamberry party going this week. I need to fold clothes. Get my camera and stuff ready. I'm giving my speech for speech class today after my mom gets out of school. I need to get the ppt from the family computer. Read my lab book for the lab tomorrow. Pack lunches. Apply nails for the child of a person at the school. Maybe clean a bit. Start an essay for Theatre. Make a video. I think I can write the essay tomorrow though. 
In school related news, I got a 94 on my biology test and a 81 on my Government test. Whoo! And the essay and the speech are my test grades for those classes, so I'm still working on them. 
I'm continuing the blog party this week, so lets go over Juniors today.

Jamberry Juniors are nail wraps for kids and people with smaller nails. They come with more of a variety of sizes and cost the same as normal wraps. They even have some in the "mommy & me" collection that match the larger sized nail wraps in color and design. But even those that don't match are super cute and fun. 

Jamberry Juniors are applied the same way as the others and are suggested for children ages 2 and up. The do no harm, it just depends on how much you want to fight with your child to get them on. I suggest age 4 or 5 and up, just because they will probably stay on longer. In fact, I'm putting juniors on a child today. I've never put them on someone else, so wish me luck! Remember, book a party with me and you get a sheet of accent nails!  
Hey, remember when I cracked my phone screen and replaced it? It hasn't even been a month and look what has happened. I haven't dropped it. All of these are cracks under the surface of the screen. I'm kinda pissed about it. There's like 3 or 4 big cracks, but they're difficult to see.

Anyway, I should probably go do things today. What fun. 


September 12, 2014

And to the fella over there with the hella good hair... (Jamberry day 3)

I've had "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift stuck in my head most of the morning. I've also been really lazy on a day that I shouldn't be. I woke up for the second time at like 9, then got out of bed at 9:30 and took a shower and made a cup of tea. I looked through old photos for some for my presentation. Put some clothes in the washer. Rehearsed the first part of my speech. Downloaded Open Office on my computer. And now I have more stuff to do. Crap. Open Office won't work with my computer. Stupid windows 8.

Its friday, which means I only really get to talk to Andrew for about half the day. And I'm tired. And stressed. And there is a ton of stuff to do. I have a test for government to take. I need to finish the powerpoint for my speech. Start working on my essay for Theatre. WHAT FUN (NOT).

But lets calm down and talk about Jamberry.

What designs are there? Well, a ton, I can say that. There are always more than 300 designs available. These range from some that look like normal nail polish to french tips to those with the logos of sports teams to abstract designs to the wild and fun jamberry juniors to the nail art studio where you can design your own nail wraps!

How do I choose? Well, with our buy 3, get 1 free deal, you can add four of your favorites to your cart and only pay for 3 of them. If you choose to do the "Total Package" deal, where you get 4 sheets of wraps, one of our 2 mini heaters, cuticle oil, and an application kit for $84. Just add all the stuff to you cart! It automatically applies the discount! In the instance that you CANT choose, you can always try stylebox.

What is stylebox? Stylebox a monthly subscription box that will include cuticle sticks, application instructions, and 2 Jamberry products (either lacquer or nail wraps, but at least one sheet of wraps). This is $30 worth of product for $25! And you can set it up for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months of deliveries! And even if you're not into it yourself, it makes a great gift! You take the stylebox quiz and the wraps and lacquer are pre-selected based on your style and sent to your door each month!
Place your order at any time through this link!


September 11, 2014

Oolong Tea, Studying, and Jamberry

I decided that Oolong tea was a better choice this morning than coffee. And, honestly, unless I'm actually taking time to make good coffee (tuesday's coffee was rushed, and therefore not as good) I'd rather have tea. It just tastes better when I'm rushed to make it. The library allows covered drink containers too, so I'm safe. Although, when it gets cooler, I might occasionally move my activities outside.

Yesterday, I saw an announcement on facebook about Demi Lovato making her album free on Google Play for a week. I love Demi and what she stands for and her music and I also love free things. I got it and downloaded it on my phone. I was going to try to get it on my computer this morning, but it doesn't look like it wants to download. I mean, I have the google play app for google chrome and everything, It won't stream the music either. Darn. Looks like I'll just have to waste my phone battery for now. I love the album, well, most of it anyway.

Now that I think about it, I'm actually rocking a very Demi Lovato-eque look today. I felt like dressing up a bit today, so I've got a black sleeveless dress that has white cross designs on it (the kind of cross like she has tattooed on her right hand, actually), hot pink leggings that match my nails, and black combat boots. I don't feel like my flower headband matches, but that's my personal touch. Regardless, I feel fantastic today.

I have a Biology test today and a Government test tomorrow. I stayed up last night studying for the bio exam and I'm going to study more after I finish doing stuff on the computer. I'm trying out the strategy where you chew a specific kind of gum in class and while studying and during the test to try to get your brain to remember things better. Wish me luck.

Also, today is September 11th, so I'm praying for the people who are remembering the people they lost, but I'm mainly happy for the kids born today that are turning 13! Congratu-freaking-lations you guys! The beauty that rose from the ashes is becoming a bunch of fantastic people. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors in life. 13 is a difficult time because you're just starting to REALLY grow up, but I know that God will help you all along the way.

Yesterday, I went over the BASICS of Jamberry. If you haven't seen those, click "back" at the bottom of the screen or scroll down or whatever to see that post. Its kind of important. Now, lets go over stuff about parties. Having a Jamberry party is super easy.

What is a Jamberry party?
Basically, through facebook or another similar social media, you and your friends will spend a week of learning about jamberry, playing games, making purchases, and earning/winning free product. Its totally free, only takes a couple minutes to set up, and you don't have to do anything but invite your facebook friends - I do all the real work!

Why should I have a party?
Parties are a great way to show people the product and earn free product for yourself. It helps me reach more people and it gives your friends a chance to be introduced to the new product. And you have NO OBLIGATION TO BUY anything.

What free stuff can I earn?
Well, that really depends on how much stuff people buy during your party. Just look at this for a further explanation:
And you don't even have to use all of the rewards (like the percent discount or whatever) if you don't want to, but its a pretty good deal anyway. Plus, when you book a party, I'll send you a catalog and a sheet of sample/accent nails.

How do I book a party?
That's super easy. There are two ways, but my preferred way is for you to message me on my Jameberry facebook page saying that you'd like to have a party. I'll work with you from there to get it set up so you can start earning hostess rewards!
I hope that's a thorough enough explanation. Anyone who books a party gets a sheet of accent nails, a catalog, and extra entries into the drawing I'll do later on for a sheet of Jamberry nails! Message me today!


September 10, 2014

WTH is Jamberry??? (My first blog party, Day 1)

This morning, I woke up at 2:00 to a little boy in the bunk bed next to mine saying that he was puking. Cleaning up puke from a top bunk of a bunk bed is nasty and difficult, so we were all awake for 30-45 minutes dealing with this. My mom and little brother stayed home from school today because of this. I'm not alone, but I'm not too happy about the fact that John is puking quite often. I'm not good with sick people or cleaning up after them.

Yesterday after school, Sarah and I went to the movies though. We saw If I Stay. It was a fantastic movie. We're talking tfios-level feels though. She's letting me borrow the book. I'm not even 1/4 the way through it and its fantastic.

So, because I don't think I've gone over it enough, I'd like to take this blog post to explain IN DETAIL what Jamberry nail wraps are. I have a larger quota to meet this month to get my promotion, so any purchases (and trust me, you'll love this product) are greatly appreciated. Buckle up, because I'm about to blow your nail-polish-loving minds!

Jamberry Nails makes nail wraps (kinda like nail stickers) that are an alternative to regular nail polish. They're cost effective, long lasting, easy to apply, and SAFER than normal nail polish.

Jamberry Nail Wraps last just about 2 weeks on fingernails and 6 weeks or more on toes (thats right, toes too!). This requires clean nails and proper application, but its not that hard.

This is the easy part. Clean your nails. Find which wrap fits the nail. Heat it. Put it on and apply pressure. Trim off the excess. Super easy, fast, no mess, and NO DRY TIME! I'll let the Jamberry Sisters tell you the rest:

Not as much as you might think. They're $15 per sheet of wraps, which sounds ridiculous at first, but listen to this, Each sheet has enough wraps for 2 manicures AND 2 pedicures. Thats 4 weeks of fingers and 12 weeks of toes for less than ONE trip to the nail salon. And there's no chipping, smudging, chemicals, or damage. Plus, we have a special where if you buy 3 sheets of wraps you get the 4th sheet free! HOW SWEET IS THAT??? That means those manis and pedis cost even less!

For this one, its just easier to look at the info-graphic. There are sooooooooo many great qualities. Vegan, Made in the USA. Non-toxic. Formaldehyde free. There is NO reason to keep using normal polish. Not to mention, they don't go bad or dry out like polish or other brands of wraps!

This is the easy part. Just go to this website and place your order: Be sure to click "Lizzy's Blog Party" in the drop-down menu at checkout. And don't forget that you might want a heater or the starter kit to go with the nails. And if you have tiny nails or little kids with nails that need to look awesome, check "Jamberry Juniors" for some super cute designs that are made for smaller nails. The shipping normally takes about a week, give or take a few days, and we ship to anywhere in the US and Canada. If you're outside of the US and would like some, please send me a personal message on facebook and I'll see what we can do. For any facebook contact related to Jamberry, use this link: And feel free to like that page. I'll keep you updated on all things new with Jamberry and once a month I give out a sheet of accent nails.

I know that this is kind of a bombardment of information, so I'm going to let this sink in and talk some more about it tomorrow. Plus, I have homework to do! I've got 2 tests coming up this week, so studying is needed. Comment if you have any questions or concerns about Jamberry and I'll answer as soon as I can, which is generally pretty quick, since I get a notification on my phone. Also, I'll be giving away a sheet of wraps at the end of the party if we reach $250 in sales, so keep checking back through the rest of this week and the next. The more you comment and order and participate, the more likely you are to win!


September 9, 2014

The day the coffee tried to kill me

I actually managed to make coffee before leaving for college this morning. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but our microwave died and I'm too lazy to actually use the coffee pot or the keurig machine since both require being cleaned out. So, coffee and tea must be made by boiling water on the stove. And it was okay coffee that I made this morning. It just hated me, because about half way to school, I began to feel like I was going to puke. So I didn't get to drink it all :(

I'm also really tired and whatnot. Like, more tired than I normally am, which sucks. The kind of tired where I almost have to make a conscious effort to stay seated in my chair right now and keep my eyes open. And I didn't stay up any later than normal or anything. Maybe the caffeine will do something soon.

I need to edit my vlog while I'm in the library today. I did manage to talk about Ravenclaw and Harry Potter, so its going to be nerdy and awesome.

I actually don't have a lot of homework to work on today. I need to finish up study questions for government and read another chapter for speech (or at least start reading it) and that's it. Its nice not having 5 things to do this morning. I wish I could take a nap, but that's simply not possible.

Wouldn't it be great if they had an area for naps on every college campus? Like, in the same way that they have places for studying, have rooms or areas with benches or big comfy chairs and a quiet atmosphere so people can take naps. Because, you know, college kids get up early and the time between classes could easily be used for a well deserved nap if they had a place for it.

I still feel like crap, but I have homework to do.

EDIT: I forgot to say this. Yesterday, I updated my online store, so there are actually some knitted hats and I'll try to get knitted arm warmers up within a day or two. And maybe I can finish up a scarf by next week.

I also looked back through my computer and found an old story that I had been working on and put it over into my writing program (ywriter, which is FREAKING AWESOME) and began adding to it. Its kinda TFIOS-esque, but not the same. And its written very differently. Like, I'm not sure if people will be able to keep up with it. It has a before/after (like, before/after a specific event) format, but one chapter is before, the next is after, the next is before, the next is after, etc. I really want to write on it some today, so hopefully I'll get to that before I have to leave the library.

Also, I got to wear my combat boots today. It makes me happy to wear them. Is that weird? I'm just hoping I don't take forever getting them on and off during theatre class, since we always have to take off our shoes during class.


September 8, 2014

MONDAY FUNDAY (jk, not really that fun)

So, I'm a little late at blogging this morning because I was updating some Jamberry stuff and researching how to get a sponsor for the blog. Its a process that can either be really easy or really difficult. We'll see how that turns out. I tried to go the easy way, but I'm still waiting for things. And if that doesn't work, we'll go the hard way. I swear, I'm not a sell-out (thats exactly what a sell-out would say!), I just think that since I've spent several years blogging, I might as well do something useful with it. I wouldn't mind making a few bucks a month and Google Adsense is currently making no cents. See what I did there? WORD PUNS.

I did a lot of homework this weekend and FINALLY got my textbook and online access for biology. I missed one assignment, but it didn't seem like it counted for much. Plus, I went back and did it anyway for review. Because of this, I don't have a ton of homework to work on today. I need to finish filling out my lab book from the lab on Thursday, work on the stupid study guide for government, and rehearse my speech and work on the powerpoint for it. Whoo.

There is a freaking fly in the kitchen and it cannot find another place to land besides on me. GAH.

I found a really long eyelash today. Like, its at least 1/4 inch longer than all of my other eyelashes, and thats crazy because I have really long eyelashes anyway. And its not like its fallen out or anything. The freakishly long eyelash is still attached at the roots. Its also blonde on the end, which makes it difficult to see.

I have to film a vlog today and I know that I want it to be Harry Potter related, but I'm not really sure what to talk about. I thought about talking about Ravenclaw, but WHAT ABOUT RAVENCLAW SHOULD I SPEAK OF???? Maybe I should just talk about my HP house and then challenge the other people on KEEYSS to talk about their houses also.

I put on the only pair of Jamberry Nail Wraps besides watermelons that I haven't worn yet. Pink zebra. Whoo! They look so cool and because I took my time putting them on, they seem to be stuck REALLY well. I guess that's the key thing. Take your time instead of rushing to apply them. I spent probably 30 or 40 minutes as opposed to my normal 15/20 minutes. I wasn't worried that I needed to go to bed soon like I normally am. Look at how sweet my nails are!!!

And those awesome KNITTED fingerless gloves are probably going to go up in the store today if I can manage to get some good pictures of them. I love them so much, but I need money more than I need fingerless gloves. I also have yet to fix my hair today. And that final smile is freakishly realistic. I don't know where it came from.

Anyway, those nails aren't available anymore, but they have some similar ones. Check them out on the jamberry site and get yourself some (four weeks of nails and 12 weeks of toes for $15? Thats a freaking steal!). And check back on my store by 4 or so today and I'll have the fingerless gloves and some other knitted stuff up.


September 5, 2014

Comparisons and Characters

So, I'm not really going to talk much about school today because I need a break from thinking about it before I get started on homework. I have an essay due today and a speech outline due Sunday and neither of them are finished. I will say that college labs are a bit different than high school labs. The professor just gives you a general idea of what you're talking about and the rest is in the lab book. We did 2 experiments yesterday (nothing major, just changing the colors of liquids). I mean, he did walk around and answer questions if there were any, but otherwise it was "read the paper, do the thing, don't screw it up".

Ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved comparing myself to characters in movies and film, finding which character I was most like. And that idea has continued and its still something that I enjoy doing, whether its a character in a movie or book or show or whatever. And I compare other people too. Is that weird?

It was really useful when I was a little kid, because I would use the movies and books and shows to create games of make believe (most of them on my own) and I would make myself the character I most related to. So when I was playing, I was Ariel and Tinkerbell and Pocahontas and all of my other favorite characters. And as I got older, I found strength in knowledge in relating to Luna Lovegood (even though a lot of people thought I was crazy) and I was proud of my tininess in relating myself to Tinkerbell and Frodo and whatnot.

I think the most devastating comparison that I ever managed to make was shortly after I watched the Phantom of the Opera. I fell in love with the movie and bought it so that I could watch it again and again. And I started comparing myself to the characters. And I was convinced rather quickly that I was not Christine or Meg. I was pretty sure that I was the Phantom. Don't get me wrong, I love the character, but it kind of hurt. I wasn't the girl that people fell in love with. I wasn't really helpless. I was the creepy stalker, crazy genius that no one liked. This occurred during middle school and I went through high school thinking pretty much the same thing.

I was laying in bed, thinking about this last night because I had been listening to music from the Phantom of the Opera before I went to sleep. And I realized that this wasn't a good thing. Judging myself based on fictional characters. Sure, when they help me, its fine, but when it works against me, it sucks. And in reality, I'm nothing like any of the characters in Phantom of the Opera. I'm not a monster who would murder people. And I'm not a stupid opera singer who can't choose between guys. And I don't know why I couldn't move on from that when I was in middle school because it would have saved me a lot of hurt that I didn't tell anyone about.

This was a very weird blog. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it anyway, and I'll be back on Monday.


September 4, 2014

Lab Day

Today, I have a lab for Biology. I really don't want to have a lab for biology. I mean, its okay to be in the lab instead of sitting there, trying to pay attention during a lecture. Its refreshing, actually. But I have to wait until 3:00 to go there instead of 1:30. I get to spend time studying or whatever. Joy. I hope the lab is interesting at least.

I heard someone say last time that there was homework due yesterday, but I wouldn't know since I don't have online access yet. I mean, I technically could have bought it, but I'm not sure if my textbook comes with online access already or not. I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. And no, I couldn't have just bought it from the college bookstore in the first place because it was super expensive there! My mom said that I should talk to the professor, but I think I'll probably just email him instead. I mean, I hate talking to people, particularly those that have authority over me, but at least email makes it so that I can get my words organized before they are seen/heard. I've always thought that I do better with written word than spoken word.

I swear, I need some coffee or something. But again, I've done the thing where I open up my laptop before I think about going to get some.

I actually wanted to make coffee or tea this morning before I left, but  I didn't have enough time to boil water. Our microwave went out the other day and we're not planning on getting a new one until we move (which will hopefully be soon), so all stuff that we would normally cook in the microwave has to be cooked either on the stove or in the oven. That's how I made my cup of tea yesterday morning.

I want a kettle. Like, one for boiling water to make tea and coffee and stuff. An electric kettle. I think I'll look some up on amazon before the day is over. I already saw one that I like on pinterest that had hello kitty on it. Although, I suppose that the aesthetics of the kettle aren't the most important part. I'll probably end up buying a $20 one from amazon or something. Because I looked it up and one like that is $90 or so. I should really use the keurig, but it needs to be cleaned and because of circumstances tends to need to be cleaned before each use, which makes it less convenient than it should be. I also saw a fantastic idea called a "Kug", which is a cross between a kettle and a mug, so its a portable mug/thermos that you plug in and it heats up. I want one really badly, but they're still working on making them, with like prototypes and stuff. I signed up to be emailed when they finally finish making them though.

Bento box pickings are getting slim. I mean, I've still managed to pack a full bento box for both me and my mom each time we needed it, but its getting so that the meals are pretty boring or really creative. Or both. Today is another "salami, cheese, and crackers with various accessories" day. But at least its food. I want to make the really cool, pretty bento boxes like you see in videos and pictures online. But I really don't have a lot to work with. I can't wait until we have more money to go grocery shopping. Is it sad that I'm saying that less than a week into the month?

I got my fast start monthly rewards for last month on Jamberry. $75 of product credit. I used up all but $5 of it, but I can't wait to get them in the mail. These are the ones I ordered:

My next fast start period is shorter and requires a little more. I need $600 of sales by the end of this month along with 2 parties and another recruit. If I can manage to get three fast start things in a row, I get a special incentive thing, I think. If I'm remembering correctly. And I made more this week than I thought I would, so I'll actually have money by the end of tomorrow. WHOO! If you like these designs and would LOVE to help me out with, like, continuing my life and The Life as a blog, feel free to make a purchase on jamberry or one of my other sites by following these links:

I really should be writing an essay for government. The assignment is due tomorrow. I was supposed to look up all kinds of crap about a Senator or Representative from my state and how much money was involved in their 2010 campaign, then write a 2 page (well, it says 1 page, but the syllabus says 2 pages will get me a higher grade) reaction to this information. My real reaction is "Wow, that's a lot of money, but I really don't care", but my essay will be some kind of BS for 2 pages with big words thrown in to seem smart. Isn't college fun? NOT!

I guess I should probably be productive. ICK.

Do I complain too much? I feel like I might. Sorry. But you're the one who reads it anyway.