September 23, 2014

Time for a little sermon

Today, I am at the back of the library for reasons. Its a lot more quiet back here. Technically, its for "Silent Study". I feel like my typing is too loud.  My stomach also hurts. Oh well.

Today, after theatre class and before Biology lab, Sarah and I are going resale shopping for costume stuff. I'm SO excited! Hopefully I can find some of the things that I would otherwise have to buy online. And we should be able to find lots of gypsy-ish jewelry. WHOO!

Last night, I was in the shower and I was kinda thinking over the stuff that was going to go down today. This led me to think about money and I was kinda freaking out. In fact, I still need to go through and see how much money I can spend today. Anyway, I crawled in bed afterward and I hopped on facebook to see what was going on before I went to sleep. And a random thing popped up on my feed that caught my attention. The facebook page for my local christian radio station (KSBJ!) had shared a pin from pinterest about making a faith journal. So, I looked at the pin and was thinking that this was a pretty good idea. In fact, I am planning on finding a journal that is empty when I get home to do this with.

But for some reason, this led me to search Beth Moore quotes on pinterest. And I found a TON. And I love Beth Moore because it was her bible studies that I was used to in middle and high school when Mrs. Wendy was my sunday school teacher. And when I was in that class, I felt close to God and like I was learning and growing spiritually. And likewise with the lessons of Francis Chan (I searched for his quotes next). I even ended up watching a couple of his videos last night.

For the first time in about a month, I felt myself calling out to Christ, saying "God, Can you hear me? I need you now more than ever". And I think its times like that that God loves us most. When we're willing to say that we need him over all of these earthly things. And as I get started with my Faith Journal this evening, I hope that I can manage to get back to where I was with God and stop this outrageous backsliding. I mean, God is always with me, but sometimes I feel like maybe I'm not with him. Or maybe that I've forgotten about him. I need to be clinging to his coattails instead of pretending he's not there.

Another thing that I wanted to discuss this morning was that yesterday, my parents were watching a video and I was sitting nearby, listening to it. It was about this lady who went back to her home town and it had been taken over by Islamic extremists. They were telling her that she would go to hell along with everyone else who was not part of Islam. And that the way that she was dressed was as if she was trying to seduce someone or be seduced (I'm assuming that she wasn't extremely unmodest, though I wasn't seeing the visual of the video). And they wouldn't let her get a word in edgewise. And they were treating her like she didn't belong even though this was her home town.

This is wrong. SO wrong. And I'm not happy with the complacency of the US government about this ordeal. I mean, apparently we love to stick our grubby fingers in everyone's business when it deals with oil or paying people off or trying to set up a new government, but when it comes to tons of people being executed and whatnot, apparently our government leaders DON'T CARE. I'm sick of it.

Its becoming so that Christians are being targeted also. Mainly in other countries, but still. Those are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Why should we just stand by while they're killed and persecuted for the same beliefs that we have.

Francis Chan said in one of the videos that Christians nowadays often live like they're not under any pressure for time and that its okay to stay in their safe zone. A little bit of unsteadiness in their lives and they sit down and hang on for dear life to the balance beam that they are standing on. They don't want to fall, but they don't move forward and reach people for Jesus and love them and show them God's love. And when their life ends, they expect to still hear  "Well done, my good and faithful servant" when they were the most lazy servant of all. And I know that I'm guilty of this too. But I want to stop. I want to reach out and love people and not be afraid of what I believe in. Because the only thing we have to fear is death and death to us is just another beginning. We get to go up to heaven and live with our king and creator for all eternity. Why should we dread that? And this is extremely hard for me to say, because I am scared of dying and anything surrounding death.

Anyway. I've got work to do. An essay to work on. A couple chapters to read. A check book to balance. Oolong tea to drink. And all that jazz. Hasta mañana.