September 15, 2014

Busy Monday, Bookshelf, and Juniors!

I'm blogging today from  my newly created desk/bookshelf. Technically, its been a bookshelf for a year or more, but I have managed to convert one shelf into a desk. The only issue is that I have to sit on a creaky old chair without a back, which I'm not a big fan of. And it could be higher, since typing is almost uncomfortable. But it makes me sit up straight. And I'm not sitting at the freaking kitchen table.

I did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing yesterday when I got home from church. I switched my yarn collection into a bigger tote box, and got rid of some old toys and clothes and books and trash. My box of scrapbooking paper and whatnot got a bit of a cleaning and reorganizing. I put all of the stuff I've made to sell in a box together. And I found a bunch of mechanical pencils.

I also found a few different knick knacks and stuff to put on my shelf desk to make me happy. I have a tiny stuffed elephant that I've had since I graduated kindergarten, a little jar I bought a long time ago from the dollar store that says  "Vacation fund" on it, my collection of rubber ducks that I won in spanish class in high school, and a plastic cat with rhinestones for eyes. I want to paint the cat a different color though. Right now its this ugly brown and gree color. I think it either needs to be solid black or covered in different color/size flowers. Whatcha think?

I have lots of stuff to do today. I almost don't want to work on homework because of all of the other stuff to do. I have a facebook jamberry party going this week. I need to fold clothes. Get my camera and stuff ready. I'm giving my speech for speech class today after my mom gets out of school. I need to get the ppt from the family computer. Read my lab book for the lab tomorrow. Pack lunches. Apply nails for the child of a person at the school. Maybe clean a bit. Start an essay for Theatre. Make a video. I think I can write the essay tomorrow though. 
In school related news, I got a 94 on my biology test and a 81 on my Government test. Whoo! And the essay and the speech are my test grades for those classes, so I'm still working on them. 
I'm continuing the blog party this week, so lets go over Juniors today.

Jamberry Juniors are nail wraps for kids and people with smaller nails. They come with more of a variety of sizes and cost the same as normal wraps. They even have some in the "mommy & me" collection that match the larger sized nail wraps in color and design. But even those that don't match are super cute and fun. 

Jamberry Juniors are applied the same way as the others and are suggested for children ages 2 and up. The do no harm, it just depends on how much you want to fight with your child to get them on. I suggest age 4 or 5 and up, just because they will probably stay on longer. In fact, I'm putting juniors on a child today. I've never put them on someone else, so wish me luck! Remember, book a party with me and you get a sheet of accent nails!  
Hey, remember when I cracked my phone screen and replaced it? It hasn't even been a month and look what has happened. I haven't dropped it. All of these are cracks under the surface of the screen. I'm kinda pissed about it. There's like 3 or 4 big cracks, but they're difficult to see.

Anyway, I should probably go do things today. What fun.