September 22, 2014

Sleepy Monday Morning and Gypsies

The house is super quiet this morning. Why? Because I'm not alone. My mom is sick and had to stay home from church yesterday and work today. The house just seems extra quiet. I can hear birds chirping and the ceiling fan whirring away. When my phone buzzes because of a text message, it almost seems too loud.

All of this silence makes me want to crawl in bed and go back to sleep. At 8:45 this morning, I forced myself to get out of bed and take a shower, but I would have loved to just roll over and continue sleeping. Even now, I'm tempted to bring a blanket from my bed over here to the shelf/desk so that I can be comfy and warm while I blog and do homework.

I started working on my Ren Fest costume yesterday. Sarah and I decided that we are going as gypsies, which is odd, since I totally thought she would say pirates, but gypsies are just as fun. Plus, we've done pirates before for halloween and stuff. My gypsy costume idea is kinda inspired by Shakira, which probably seems odd. I saw this video of her live performance of Gypsy at one of her concerts (I LOVE THAT SONG!) and I fell in love with the outfit that she was wearing. Also, side note, Shakira is so pretty! As a short-ish person (I'm actually like 3 inches taller than Shakira) with tiny boobs, I look up to Shakira as a fashion person. She's so confident and smart and beautiful!

So, I"m trying to find a skirt similar in color and style to that one. I want it to be red of some kind, but I'm having a hard time finding one like that in my price range. I mean, if I had $50 to spend, I could buy one like that or one that was meant for actual belly dancing (I think it would be cool to learn how to belly dance, btw). Sadly, I'm a poor college kid and even a $20 skirt is going to be difficult to buy.

I could never convince my mother to let me wear something that shows my stomach (or is half see through), so I can't wear a top like Shakira's. Darn. Instead, I have a white peasant top that I use for my ariel costume that I'll probably use.

I am buying a new corset for the occasion though. Its black and only goes around the waist (technically, its called an underbust corset). I found a cheap one on Amazon for like $15 or something.

Then there's all the accessories. Apparently, gypsies wore all of their jewelry and valuables as both a display of wealth and to keep them safe. I mean, you'll know if someone is trying to steal your stuff if its attached to your body, right? So, for this to be anywhere close to accurate, I need a ton of bling and sparkles and whatnot. I have been searching through my own collection of stuff to get started on this.

I found a bunch of silver gaudy dangly earrings that have never been worn. My grandma on my dad's side gave them to me a while back. They're not anything that I would wear on a regular basis, but they're perfect for this. Plus, I have enough for Sarah to have some too if she wants them. These are my favorites. I also need to look through my scarves to see what I have to use. I have a bunch of scarves, but I'm not sure that any of them will go. I am going to buy a gypsy scarf (like, the ones with all the coin things on them) from amazon for like $5 or so. I want to get a black one. I also have a couple of belts that I think will go with the costume.

For my feet, I'm wearing my "Jesus shoes" sandals. They're plain leather strappy sandals. I think they'll go pretty well. Sarah sent me a picture of the shoes that she's wearing and they're PERFECT. Leather sandals with beads around the ankle. Mildly jealous.

I have no clue what I'm doing for my hair. I guess I'll do wavy-ish hair with a flower headband or a scarf or something. Most gypsies seemed to have long hair, and I'm kinda lacking there. I've got ALMOST shoulder length hair. And it doesn't like to do much.  Like, ponytails are still pretty much impossible. Oh well, I'll figure something out.

Sarah and I are probably going to go shopping for accessories this week after school. We want to look at Resale shops and stuff for accessories and costume pieces. It was brought up in a discussion between me and Andrew that I could make some of the stuff myself, but I'm like HECK NO. I hate sewing. And yesterday I just started working on this cuff/bracelet thing for the costume and I'm still not finished and I can't decide if I hate it or not.

I have to film a vlog today. I'm not sure what to talk about. I think I might talk about the first time I went to Ren Fest. I still have pictures from that, actually. Pictures of random stuff really. And I only vaguely remember it.

I still don't know what homework I need to do today. I should probably figure that out.

ALSO! I painted a thing this weekend and its now for sale as the original AND for sale on Redbubble as stickers and prints and cards and posters and shirts and pillows and tote bags and whatnot. It would be great if you would buy something, because then I can have a better costume, haha.

Original Painting:
Stickers and Stuff: