September 18, 2014

Rainy Thursday

Normally, rainy days have almost no effect on my life. I just stay inside if its raining. No big deal. But now that I'm going to college on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays, its kinda annoying. I'm really glad Sarah was driving this morning, because I kept looking at the road and thinking "wow, where are the lines? I can't see anything? How fast are we going?". The good news is that we made it here safe. Whoo. The bad news? Well, neither of us had an umbrella, so she went to her first class and I went to the library looking half-drowned. I'm glad I wore a hat today. This way, you can't see my horrid hair and I was less drowned-looking.

I'm freezing though. And its not like I dressed in a way that was unfit. Jeans, a long sleeve shirt, and flats. My flats are soaked, but will hopefully dry by the time I need to go to Theatre (just in time to get soaked again). I keep waiting for my oolong tea to help me warm up. My shirt is kinda wet, so my arms are cold. Brrrrr. But at least my Jamberry Jams look good. I applied them last night using a slightly different method. Instead of heating the wraps for 20 seconds then hurrying to get them on my nails, I put them on first, then held my finger in front of the heater for 20 seconds (ouchies, I know). They seem to be stuck down really well. I wish I could use the rice bag method though. I feel like it would work better for me. Sadly, I lack rice bags and a microwave.

Just today and tomorrow to get your order in for a drawing. AND if you want some free stuff, contact me on facebook to have a party. I would give you my email, but I don't want someone finding it who doesn't actually need it. You can be anywhere in the US or Canada and have a party and its totally free. I'll even send you some samples to get you started. If you're not one of these two places, I can at the most let you order, but you'll have to do it through me instead of the website. I don't think that's against the rules.

On my online store, I'm thinking that around Christmas I'll do Jamberry gift jars. They'll have a full sheet of jams, a cuticle pusher, an orange stick, an alcohol wipe, a file, and a pair of nail clippers. Maybe a rice bag too. And application instructions and a business card of course. I'll decorate them all cute like. And do them for like $25 plus $5 for shipping. They would make a really cute gift. I might can get the price lower if I can find cheaper orange sticks, cuticle pushers, nail clippers, and alcohol wipes. I'll have to look around. They'd also make great end of the year gifts for teachers and stuff. Idk. I need to work out the logistics and input/output of this before I make them up. They would be something like this. Would you buy it? What should I add? Let me know in the comments.

Well, I've decided that its time to get back to being a person and actually do a decent amount of homework today. I feel better than I have any other day of the week. I'm not joyful, but I'm not down in the dumps so much anymore. I have some energy back and at the moment I don't have a headache. Time to get back to being a person. Dang, I need some music. The world is too freaking quiet for me right now. What with the murmuring and whispering of the people in the library and the sniffles and squeaky chairs... See y'all tomorrow!