September 12, 2014

And to the fella over there with the hella good hair... (Jamberry day 3)

I've had "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift stuck in my head most of the morning. I've also been really lazy on a day that I shouldn't be. I woke up for the second time at like 9, then got out of bed at 9:30 and took a shower and made a cup of tea. I looked through old photos for some for my presentation. Put some clothes in the washer. Rehearsed the first part of my speech. Downloaded Open Office on my computer. And now I have more stuff to do. Crap. Open Office won't work with my computer. Stupid windows 8.

Its friday, which means I only really get to talk to Andrew for about half the day. And I'm tired. And stressed. And there is a ton of stuff to do. I have a test for government to take. I need to finish the powerpoint for my speech. Start working on my essay for Theatre. WHAT FUN (NOT).

But lets calm down and talk about Jamberry.

What designs are there? Well, a ton, I can say that. There are always more than 300 designs available. These range from some that look like normal nail polish to french tips to those with the logos of sports teams to abstract designs to the wild and fun jamberry juniors to the nail art studio where you can design your own nail wraps!

How do I choose? Well, with our buy 3, get 1 free deal, you can add four of your favorites to your cart and only pay for 3 of them. If you choose to do the "Total Package" deal, where you get 4 sheets of wraps, one of our 2 mini heaters, cuticle oil, and an application kit for $84. Just add all the stuff to you cart! It automatically applies the discount! In the instance that you CANT choose, you can always try stylebox.

What is stylebox? Stylebox a monthly subscription box that will include cuticle sticks, application instructions, and 2 Jamberry products (either lacquer or nail wraps, but at least one sheet of wraps). This is $30 worth of product for $25! And you can set it up for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months of deliveries! And even if you're not into it yourself, it makes a great gift! You take the stylebox quiz and the wraps and lacquer are pre-selected based on your style and sent to your door each month!
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