December 20, 2013

Video Editing Day

I started today with watching Carrie Fletcher's videos on YouTube because I think that she is awesome. And because I'm lazy.

Today is dedicated to crocheting and editing videos. I have like ten videos that I have to upload in order to finish my 25 days of Christmas thing one YouTube. And I only have 6 days to do this. I think I can do this.

I really hate video editing, but this is an act of love for my viewers and for my family. And I love what I can make when I spend time doing this.

Also, James' band concert was last night, so we went to that. And I got to see Ellen there. Turns out that she made a life decision and is now going to become an actress. I'm super excited for her, and it was very nice to see one of my best friends again.


Oh, and I'm trying to put more stuff up on Bandcamp while I wait for my videos to upload...