November 7, 2013


Last night, I fell asleep between text messages with Andrew. That happens quite a bit. But this time I actually ended up waking up later that night. Actually, it was 2:00 in the morning, but whatever. It was strange that such a thing happened. So, instead of starting the morning with the awkward "good morning" texts that often lead nowhere in conversation, we actually continued talking about what we were talking about.

I might be going to go see a movie today. I'm not sure. My best friend said something about it a little while back, but we haven't talked about it recently. Anyway, if we do go, we'll go to "thorsday" at amc theatres. Basically, its a marathon of Thor, the avengers, and the new thor movie. I really hope we go.

I really do have homework to work on. I should probably get on it. I have to turn in english homework. Then I also need to work on history and theatre work. Tomorrow, I have to go and take a math test at the college and run some errands. Then on saturday I'm going to be Snow White at Kudos in Old Town Spring. Its kinda a busy week/weekend.