October 8, 2013


Sorry for not blogging yesterday and Friday. I was busy both days. I did consider blogging, it just never happened. But, on the up side, I did get a lot done.

Here's a general update: I've been making things, shopping, listening to kpop, and falling in love with a guy who may not even know I exist.

So, on Friday, I had to go take a math test at the college, which meant that my mom had to take me because I still don't have my license. However, I did manage to renew my permit that morning, which means that now I can take the online "adult" driving course and finally get my license. I also went thrift shopping that day. We stopped at Goodwill because I needed some new jeans, and I ended up getting four pairs of jeans and several sweaters for the price that one nice pair of jeans would generally cost. I stopped by a craft store too, and I got some more yarn for crocheting along with some purple flanel  and felt and stuff for making MLP Twilight Sparkle hooded pajamas. I'm almost done making them. I think that I will be able to finish them today.

Saturday, we had to go see my brother play a few songs in with the band at a school/community fall festival thing. Really, all it is is a way for the school to get more money for project graduation and stuff, but whatever. Beforehand, we stopped at a garage sale and I managed to get a Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll (worth about $50 at least) for $5, along with some more yarn and a couple of jackets.

Sunday, we went to church, which really wasn't anything different than normal. The preacher talked about wanting to have a revival, but not the week long kind, the spiritual kind. I don't know if that will happen, but it would be awesome if it did. I would settle for the week long kind even. Just something to make church a place that I enjoy. The sunday school class that I help my friend teach, which is supposed to be first and second grade, and is for some reason used as a third grade class also, was super crowded sunday. The fourth grade teacher didn't show up, so we had first through fourth grades in one classroom. I was about ready to tear my hair out.

And yesterday, I spent most of the day cleaning and working on my MLP pajamas while listening to kpop. I'm almost done with them, and I'll post a pic when I get done.

I actually need to go do stuff today though, so I have to stop blogging.