October 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday

I was too lazy to blog yesterday. I did chores all day instead of working on any homework, so I didn't get on the computer. I did finish making the hat that I was crocheting though, and it is really difficult to type with an ice cream cone in one hand. Yes, I'm having ice cream for lunch. I'm 18 and I can do what I want.

I just finished my math homework. It would have been easier if my calculator had already arrived in the mail. It should be here tomorrow though, so no worries.

I've managed to start crocheting a baby-sized mickey mouse ear hat. I'm hoping it turns out better than the other hats I've done so far. I have also looked up patterns for crocheted butterflies, a bow, and a couple different headbands. I'm excited.

Also, I will be making another Snow White appearance if you missed the last one. I'll be in Old Town Spring on November 9th. I'm not quite sure about the time, but probably a little after lunch. The tree lighting thing takes place on that day. I'll be in front of the same store, Kudos, so come by and have a picture taken. I may also be selling some of the stuff that I crocheted also. Thats why I'm working on hats and headbands so much.

I have to go work on chores and crochet stuff now, so ttyl.