October 3, 2013


I started off this morning with a cup of coffee, crochet, MLP, chocolate chip muffins, and a Hi-C lemonade. No, I'm not 6 years old. I'm a freshman in college, and I like to enjoy life in the safest way possible.

The thing that I have been pondering this morning is which MLP character is my favourite and which is the one that I relate to the most. I know that my favourite is Rainbow Dash. I'm not sure why. I think its because she reminds me of my friends, Ellen and Sarah. So outgoing and fun to be around. And I think that is the real reason why I watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It reminds me of my friends, even those who have moved away or don't consider me their friend anymore. It reminds me of the good times we had together when we were younger. And the plot isn't that bad either.

But I'm having a real hard time with the other question. Am I like Twilight Sparkle? Or Applejack? Or Fluttershy? I really don't know. I think I might ask Ellen. She was always good at answering the weird questions that I had.

I do know that I found a Rainbow Dash hoodie that I really want. I'm sure that my family would make fun of me if I got it though. I really like the wings on the back.
If it didn't cost so much, I might consider buying the Rainbow Dash footed pajamas instead, so that I can use them on Christmas. My family has a tradition of buying new pajamas every year, which we wear to bed on Christmas Eve and then look nice in while we take pictures and open presents on Christmas morning. I think it would be adorable, but I'd sooner try to make my own than buy some for $40 or more. Who knows, maybe I can find some cheaper ones or a pattern online.

GAH! THE PICTURES WON:T LINE UP RIGHT! Oh, well. I have to go do homework anyway.