October 23, 2013


So, yesterday, I ended up going out and having lunch at Chic-fil-a in the mall with my best friend, Sarah. Its kind of difficult for me to eat right now, just because I really don't feel like eating even though I get hungry, but I got past that and ate way too much yesterday. We went to Barnes and Noble afterwards, and I got two books: Alice in Zombieland and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I just feel like a couple of creepy stories are what I am in the mood for right now, with Halloween being close and whatnot. And of course, going to Barnes and Noble meant that we stopped at Starbucks. I really don't go to Starbucks that often, so I don't have a usual order and I let Sarah order something for me. It was a strawberries and cream something or another. It was good, but I was still stuffed from lunch, so I kinda didn't drink much of it.

I got home and I felt horrible. Like, I didn't have any energy and I was sick to my stomach. I actually took a two hour nap, and I only take naps when I'm sick. That was kind of the confirming factor. I think I may have sweated off a fever or something too. And I was just as tired when I woke up from the nap. I didn't really eat any dinner, I just went back to sleep.

This morning, thankfully, I feel a lot better. I'm still tired, but I think I'm a lot better than I was. I actually feel like moving around and doing things. I took an Emergen-C before bed last night, which probably helped a bit. I think I may take another one when lunchtime rolls around. I still am having to force myself to eat. I made chocolate chip muffins this morning and I had to force myself to eat three of them, because I didn't feel like eating anything at all. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow though.

I also tried to bring my spirits up this morning by making a playlist of upbeat and fun music to listen to. Its 81 minutes long, and I hope to keep it playing until it finishes.

I've learned a new lesson in crochet. When you feel like making something quickly, use a larger crochet needle. A tiny one takes forever to get the job done. I still haven't finished the headband that I started the other day.I think I may be finished by the end of the day though. I've been working on it this morning and I'm more than half way done.

11:00 UPDATE: I lost my history textbook, and whilst looking for it, I discovered a snake that was making his way around in our house. I think  that it is harmless, but I'm not sure. I googled how to get a snake out of the house, and all it told me was to call animal control. Thanks google, but I live in the country. That isn't the proper etiquette around here. I have the door open, hoping that it will go outside and it almost did, but then it decided that trying to hide in/behind the heater in the living room. Andrew told me to catch it, but thats easier said than done.