October 25, 2013

Cold Scrambled Eggs...

Yep, that is what is sitting next to me as I blog. I made them for my breakfast, but I still don't feel like eating. They seem kinda gross anyway. I forgot how much I really don't care for scrambled eggs. I did actually drink a whole cup of coffee this morning though, so that was a success.

On a more related topic. I have math homework due in about an hour and a half. I really wish that I had a calculator like we used in high school to do all of these calculations with since I've reached the point in the lessons where calculators are allowed. I'm really tempted to buy one. I found a TI-83 Silver Plus for about $60 on amazon. I think I might get it.

I've spent quite a bit of the morning watching Firefly, crocheting the hat, and texting Andrew. Its really nice to have someone to talk to. And when we started talking, even though we are still learning things about each other, it seems like we've known each other for a long time. Its just so easy to talk to each other.

I really really feel like making a music video. I don't have a football game to go to tonight, so I might be able to when my parents get home.

Gah, I'm just procrastinating.

Oh, I got another Snow White gig. November 2, I get to go to a birthday party of the daughter of a teacher at our school. Its at least $50 in my pocket, so I'm not complaining.