September 6, 2013

Who in the world wants to die alone, all dried up in the desert sun...

Sorry, "Some Nights" by FUN is on my Pandora station right now, so I felt like I had to include the lyrics in some way.

This morning, I got up and stalked people on Facebook and Tumblr and watched some anime on Netflix. Then, I took a shower and got dressed, then gave Puddin' a bath. She was rather disgusting. Then, I had coffee and made chocolate chip scones from scratch. They were delicious, but even though I made half of what the original recipe said to, I still ended up with too many. I need someone to eat the goodies that I make. Then I started on my math homework, which is due today. I'm about 3/4 done. There are some that I need help on though, which is hindering my progress.

So, yesterday, I spent quite a bit of time writing the book that I am working on. I am up to about 8 pages now. I really enjoy the writing process, and writing in a word processor makes it even better. I would occasionally take breaks to get on Tumblr or Facebook or walk the dog or daydream about the boy that I have accidentally fallen for. In other words, I didn't do nearly as much writing as I meant to, but I still had a good time.

Tonight, I have to go to my brother's football game. Well, he's not a football player, but he plays in the band, which means that he marches at the games. Which means that we have to go and watch him, but we also have to watch the game. Personally, I really hate sports and I really hate football and I don't enjoy watching or being around cheerleaders. I think I might bring a book or something to entertain myself today. Not to mention, our football team isn't that great. And, I have to go to pretty much every home game this year and many away games. I think I'll get plenty of football, even if I don't want to.

So, if you live in the area and feel like coming to the High School's away game and helping me entertain myself, feel free to find me. I'll be the girl in glasses with red hair and a pink backpack sitting in the stands and paying very little attention to the game. Oh, and I might occasionally go to the concession stand to retrieve snacks and drinks, because that's what I do. I'm the messenger girl because I don't care about missing the game.

I would really like to meet up with the guy that I like, but I'm pretty sure that he won't be at the game, not to mention he has no clue that I like him. Blech. My life can be so lonely and lame sometimes, but the thing is, I've grow used to it. Oh, well. Back to math homework.


Update: I finished my math work and submitted it. For some reason, I couldn't do the assignment, because it was due at lunchtime, so I missed it, but that's okay because its not a grade. I made a 70 on the quiz and I feel a little bad about that, but at least its passing! College Algebra is difficult.