September 10, 2013

Math and Coffee

For some reason, this chapter in math is really easy compared to last week. This is nice. I really do find math refreshing when I can understand it. It's like a cup of coffee, but its for my brain instead. Anyway, I have to do homework and a quiz for math today, so I got out of the blue chair earlier than normal this morning and I'm already half way through with my first cup of coffee. I've finished all of the work that I can do by hand on the math and I'm about to go enter it for grading.

As I enter my answers, Puddin' is running around the house trying to bite random things. Occasionally, I have to get up and take something away from her, but most of the stuff either can't hurt her and/or she can't hurt it. Goofy dog.

In another tab, I have YouTube up and I'm rocking out to Paramore, Train, Relient K and stuff.I tend to work better and more efficiently when I can listen to music.

Okay, time to take the quiz.

I started a new anime series this morning because I finished Chobits. The ending was interesting, but kind of predictable. This new one is called "Black Butler". I've watched three episodes and its pretty good. Its a little more like FMA because it deals a lot with death and stuff. But that doesn't take away from the plot. It has a lot of action and a little bit of gore. Not so much that I wouldn't want to watch it.

Whoo! I made a 90 on the quiz! Thats way better than the last few.

And as far as my crush situation, nothing has changed. I'm still falling for him and he has no clue that I exist. But, with the way middle school and high school were for me, I should be used to this by now. So, I just keep listening to songs like "Mr. Wonderful" by Allstar Weekend and carrying on. Not that its a totally fitting song, but I really do like it and it reminds me of him kind of.

I'm going to go do a little more math homework and get ahead for the week. Hasta la vista!