August 13, 2013


Yes, it is true. The day has finally come that I have willingly joined the Sherlock fandom. Mainly, I was finished with all of the doctor who episodes on Netflix. Needless to say, I fell in love with SH immediately.

For those who are unfamiliar with BBC shows, Sherlock and doctor who are the most famous ones in America, and you should probably be watching them if you want me to consider you as an equal.

Anyway, I fell in love with the Sherlock series for many reasons. The most important and obvious of which, was Sherlock himself. Benedict Cumberbatch is absolutely ADORABLE! The trench coat is a nice plus too. Trench coats are cool. British accents are one of my favourite things too. I love the Sherlock character, though, and I think that Steven Moffat and the other creators really know what they are doing, even though they keep those of us who love the shows in the dark and torture us relentlessly.

Sherlock, or SH as I will refer to him from now on, is a very intellectual person, which makes me very interested in the show from the start. I like to be around people with brains and I like to watch shows about people with brains. It just makes sense to me. He is a very strange person and not really normal. He's kind of antisocial but not on purpose... It just works out that way. And he's okay with that. He's very adventurous and gets excited about the most random things. But mostly, I think I like SH so much because I feel like I can relate to him.Want proof? Probably not, but I'm going to list it anyway.

1. SH deviates from social norms - Uh, HELLO! I've been doing such along with my friends in many ways for many years. Focusing on academics instead of relationships and  having strange habits like the dislike of playing board games and doing normal people things, just to name a couple.

2. SH has an addiction that helps him think things though - He uses nicotine patches, I drink coffee. Lots of coffee. When I live on my own (eventually) I suppose that this addiction will worsen, because right now getting away with more than one very large glass of iced coffee a day in the summer and two cups of hot coffee in the winter is hard to get away with. I drink tea too, but not as often. Coffee is nearly an everyday thing, and I use it to wake me up and tackle big projects.

3. SH is tech savvy - I not only have this blog, but I text, I have two other blogs, I email from my phone, I have facebook, tumblr, instagram, youtube, and dropbox, and I am working on a website. I can't see any real reason to get a twitter account though.

4. SH has a rather large following online (in the show) - I have quite a few people who watch my videos on youtube and read this blog and others regularly. Its constantly growing too.

5. SH does strange things when he gets bored or curious - I can't tell you how many not-so-smart ideas I have gotten and implemented thinking that they would be fantastic. One of the most recent would be learning to skateboard. I have yet to paint a smiley face on the wall and start shooting at it, though.

6. Other people don't really understand SH or his thought processes - I think and do things my own way. Sometimes it is actually a longer or more complicated way than everyone else uses, but it seems like the best way to me. I am also rather random and I pick up on things that others don't.

7. SH is a leader - Um, I have dreams of becoming a film director, and I have been in charge of every group project that I have ever worked on - DUH.

Another thing that has come out of my recent Sherlock addiction is an addiction to Benedict Cumberbatch and a love of trench coats. Of course, I have always loved trench coats, but I want one more than ever now. I just lack the proper funds to procure one... To quell my Benedict Cumberbatch addiction since I have finished all of the episodes on Netflix (except to go back and re-watch them, which I AM doing) I have, by a friend's recommendation, begun listening to "Cabin Pressure", which is a British radio show with Benedict Cumberbatch in it. It is rather hilarious, but I can't stop imagining his character wearing a trench coat.

On a totally non-related subject, I start college classes online on the 26th of this month. I am not looking forward to this. Oh, and I turned 18 before I got my licence, so I still can't drive. I am also excited about the new nokia windows phone that has a 41 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA! I hope that when we get new phones in November that  we get those or something similar.

Elizabeth W.

I was really tempted to sign off as SH...