August 26, 2013

Blogging on floor because dog

So, the day before yesterday, one of my mom's friends posted a pic of puppies for sale on facebook. And my mom fell in love with a dog. And now we have a miniature dauchsund named Puddin'.

She is already spoiled rotten. She follows me around the house and whines for me to pick her up and pay attention to her. I can't help but pay attention to her because she is stinkin' adorable.

This morning, she had a fit because I put her in her carrier so that I could take a shower. Then, when I was done with my shower, we ate pancakes. We then watched the last half of the first episode of Sherlock. After that, we took a walk and she actually did her business outside, which made me rather happy. Then, I put her cage cushions in the wash and started up my computer so I could blog, log in to college stuff, and upload the first Knowledge Days video. I was sitting at the table with her in my lap when she decided that she wanted to get down. So, she jumped out of my arms and fell 1.5 feet, landing rather awkwardly, which scared both her and me rather badly. So, now I am blogging from the floor.

As much as I love sitting on the floor with a dog in my lap as I type, I would really love a small toddler pen to put her in at moments like this. We went to Walmart yesterday, but we could only find ones with a floor built in to them. I need one that is just the four walls.

In the meantime, I get to sit on the floor with my "baby" and carry her around while I try to get things done. My parents and brothers are back at school starting today, so this will last until at least 4:00, but probably later. I have no clue how I am supposed to wash dishes with this little monster at my heels all day. But, at least I'm not super lonely.

Oh, and I got my Sherlock books yesterday. It turns out that they were delivered to a neighbor's house, so a neighbor boy brought them to me. I had never seen him before, so all I can think is that maybe he lives on the other side of the railroad tracks or something.

Well, I need to go do college-y things, so goodbye for now.