August 14, 2013


I am currently sitting in the lounge of a car dealership. Entertainment options? Talking or watching the news. Normal people stuff. Boring.

Oh, another thing that Sherlock and I have in common is a sidekick. I have a person who serves as a helper, but his name is John Thomas, not John Watson. He's not quite as helpful, a bit less observant, and a bit more annoying. However, he is absolutely just as loyal.

Unlike Sherlock, I do my own blogging. Makes it easier. Not to mention, I'm the only person I know that blogs.

I kinda wish I had a gun and a can of yellow spraypaint. I hate watching the news. And talk shows. And basically anything that normal people watch. It's absolute rubbish. I hate commercials too.

I really hate car salesmen too. They're obnoxious and liars. People pleasers.

Last night, I got bored also. Not to the extent that I started coming up with random and crazy ideas, but pretty much the step before it. So, as I always do at this step, I got on the internet. And, this time, I looked up quizzes and took them. These were character quizzes for Sherlock. I got Sherlock twice, John once, lastrade once, and Sherlock's brother once. Fun.

Gah, I'm really bored. And I hate car dealerships.

Elizabeth W.