August 30, 2013

When the Coffee is done...

Ah, the coffee. I love when it's done. I also love watching Wheezy Waiter videos on youtube. Can't ya tell? I watched quite a few yesterday while Puddin' was napping in my lap. But seriously, I do enjoy when the coffee is done and I'm drinking some right now.

I've thought many times about submitting my own wink video, but apparently YouTube plans on getting rid of video responses. That freaking business is just plotting against all of it's users. It's just stupid to start taking away things that people use. It's kind of stupid. Let's hope that they either nix that plan or bring us something even better.

Okay, I'm going to film this Wheezy Waiter wink thing and post it before I even finish this blog. I have to do this. Now.

gjlkjer/lkmj/. rkshkjeyuhjjvoijlrkjkejelkj

And now I'm editing and uploading it. There will be a link/embedded video at the end of the blog post.

So, I started watching a new Anime series yesterday because I finished the two that I was watching. Chobits is what it's called. I looked and Netflix rated it as PG-14, so I thought, hey, this can't be too bad. And it should be rather like PG-16 or 18. I'm not so sure that Netflix ratings are that accurate. Or movie ratings for that matter. But, it's not that bad. I just skip over the parts that make me feel uncomfortable. I think that maybe some people are okay with 14-year-olds watching things that I think aren't appropriate. I really need some anime suggest

Okay,so now I have uploaded it to my computer and I'm almost done editing. All within about 5 minutes.

By the way, Puddin' really doesn't know what to do with a camera stand. She tried to bite it.Silly girl. And I think that she's afraid that I'm ignoring her because of the blog and stuff. Why don't dogs learn to play alone in the way that small children do?

Oh, I finished my math work yesterday, which means that I don't have any work due until tuesday. I'm still going to work on it some today to try and get ahead on it so that I don't have to rush to finish stuff. I'm still not doing that great with Algebra, and I'm still missing my history textbook and my drama textbook. I also ordered that hard copy of my algebra textbook. I really can't wait to get all of these packages in the mail. I enjoy getting things in the mail because it makes me feel special. Except when the mail says that another expensive college is trying to get me to go there. Those are really annoying. Or that time I got on the mailing list of a bunch of baby stuff and free samples of formula and diapers and stuff. Not really sure how that one happened.

Okay, I am officially uploading it to YouTube now.

I feel like I could have put Puddin' in the video somehow, but I couldn't get her to sit still, much less think of a way to do so.

I think that this is probably going to be my shortest video ever.

Hey, the puppy is asleep now. Whoo!

Gah, I have no life.