April 23, 2013


Yesterday, I had my first real run-in with some haters. Cyberbullies. Whatever you want to call them. All they really are are some jerks who like to go around wasting their time by telling people to die. Don't they know that they can't command people what to do over the internet. I went to look at their channels and discovered that basically they were a couple of middle school boys who liked to curse and play Call of Duty. I'm pretty sure that they have no right to threaten anyone, and that they probably would burst into tears if I told their mommies about what they had been doing, not to mention they would be grounded from videogames and computers for a month. Poor little crybabies.

One of the kids seemed really stupid in particular. He sat there commenting negative things about how I should go die and how God wasn't real, then went to two other videos and commented saying that I was "hot" and "cute". When you can't even use correct grammar and go without contradicting yourself, you REALLY don't seem intimidating.

The whole ordeal shook me up a little bit, to think that someone is mean enough to comment things like that, but too shy and dumb to say it to my face. But, I got over it.

I think that I might do a few more ukulele covers soon, like one of Hey Soul Sister by Train, and maybe one of Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd. The second one being like a reply to those comments.

You can't stop shouting at me

Calling at me

Be what I be

You can't stop looking at me

So get up out my way!

You can't stop YouTube-ing me

On repeat

Runnin' this beat

You can't stop

It's funny to me

I'm laughing all the way!

I just really feel like it illustrates that situation nicely. Plus, I kind of really like the song.

Elizabeth W.
Hi, hater... Kiss, kiss, I'll see you later...