April 25, 2013

Books! Glorious Books!

Today, I have spent about two hours in the library. Part of it for a class project that was already finished and the other part for Dual Credit, in which I had nothing to do.

The good thing about being in the library is a) I got to hang out with my boyfriend and talk for an hour b) I got to return a book that I found uninteresting and check out two others and begin reading them. I really enjoy being in the library, but two hours is a really long time, hence the blogging.

Yesterday, I started rough-recording some songs with my laptop and a wii microphone. The good thing about the wii mic is that I have two of them, and they are USB mics. I was thinking about starting to use them as like a boom mic for video too, but they are a one-direction sound recording device, so that might not work too well. I also looked for some public domain songs that I might be able to cover and put up downloads of. There is a website that lets you put up your recordings and sell them for a donation of however much your fans want. I think I might start doing that sometime soon.

I also thought of another music video/cover idea yesterday at talent show practice. The song is kind of a slow one, but a good one, so it would be in black and white. I think I might use a karaoke track for that though, because it would sound better.

I started recording some of the songs that I wrote also, but its kind of difficult. I don't know many chord progressions, so instrumentals are limited. Some of the vocals vary each time I record also, so that is something that I have to work on.

I finally found out who the person was that is having the birthday party for the little girl that is turning two. They're a customer of a fmily friend. I cannot wait for this. My drama teacher says that we may have a snow white costume in the drama costumes and stuff, and that she'll know by tomorrow if its there. I hope it is, because that would maximize my profit. I will be payed $50 for this gig, but if I do well, I might end up getting others. Not to mention, this counts as experience that I can put on scholarship applications and job applications.

I am also almost an official member of the International Thespian Society. I just have to return the RSVP to my drama teacher along with the $23 membership fee. YAY! I have been waiting all senior year for this. It kind of makes me an official professional as far as acting goes, and I can put it on scholarship applications and stuff.

Elizabeth W.