April 4, 2013

Why I Love Vlogging...

So, I really like this vlogging every day thing. It is a way for me to talk about whatever I want and entertain myself while relieving some stress. I think that I may do it more often. What I am learning about vlogs, at least so far, is that they can be about anything and they don't have to be fancy and perfect to be good.

Yesterday I was watching videos on Hank Green's channel, since he is doing VEDA. Then, I go sidetracked to Emma Blackery's channel, and I was watching a video of hers that was supposed to be encouraging for people who wanted to be on youtube, but hadn't started making videos yet. One of the things that she mentioned was that you should always be making top-quality video if you want people to watch. I'm not sure that I agree with her there. I think that you should start out by doing what you enjoy, and be constantly looking for ways to make it better. I know that there are different opinions on things like that, but I think I was kind of appauled that she said that. She didn't mean editing, but content. I think that both editing and content are something that evolve over time as you become more experienced. I know that my first vlogs were really terrible. But, as I started doing more vlogging, I have gotten better at it. Once you start, the only direction you should be heading is up.

I enjoy some of Emma Blackery's content, but I think that her attitude and the way she acts just makes me hate her sometimes. I don't mean to start a controversy, because I watch her videos and I think that she is pretty cool. I have even subscribed to her channel. Maybe its the fact that she almost always sounds angry, and I feel almost like I'm being yelled at over the interenet sometimes. Whatever, I'm entitled to my opinions and you to yours.

I'm not sure how I'm going to vlog today. I may not have time, since I have drama practice until, like, 6. I thought about vlogging shortly after school or even shortly after drama practice, but I still have the problem of deciding what to vlog about. I really wish that people would comment and give me topic ideas, since I can rant about practically anything. Yesterday, when I went to edit my video, I saw that Hank had posted a video about books also. He did book reccomendations, and I did why I love reading, but it was still pretty cool, and I swear that I did not see his video until after I had already filmed mine.

I have been seeing and reading a lot of things about world war 2 lately. I watched two movies about it in one class (not history) and I picked up a book at the library and it happens to be about ww2. I think that its weird how things like that keep popping up. Once, we did a play called Elephant's Graveyard, and its about the hanging of mary the elephant. For about a month after that, I kept noticing elephants everywhere I went, whether it was jewelry or toys or something one television. And obviously these things were there before, but the play made them become noticable.

Elizabeth W.