April 22, 2013


On Friday, at region contest for One Act Play, we performed our hearts out. Literally, that was the BEST performance we have ever done. At least, from my perspective it was. We did not advance, which we were sad about at first, but we did get alternate play. This means that if one of the other plays cannot make it to state for competition, we get to go. Almost like an understudy. However, we are technically within the top twelve plays in the state of Texas, so we are rather awesome nonetheless. I got Honorable Mention All-Star Cast, which isn't the best award, but its an award. I could have not gotten anything. I think I'm happy with this for my senior year. I spent the equivalent of a whole semester working on this play, and I had a good time. We will have one more performance at our home theatre, then we will be done unless they call us back to go to state due to someone else not being able to go. I'm happy that we got this far, but also happy that we don't have to practice EVERY DAY from now until the time of state contest. I get to actually go home today and do things. I won't know how to spend my time now. I can actually go places and make videos and socialize.

I have to go work on my spanish project now. I started typing it up last night. The telenovela script. I think that this one will be rather amazing, that is if people can get their stuff together and let me combine all the scripts. They were supposed to email it to me by last night, and only one girl did. Oh, well, I'll find a way for us to finish it up.

Elizabeth W.