April 17, 2013

Random Facts and Ponderings

If you haven't already heard, I am giving up VEDA this year. Too many things came up and I just didn't have the chance to make anymore videos. Plus, I'm super tired and I need some rest.

The next three days are going to be super busy for me. Today I have to see abou7t working on the telenovela for spanish. I wrote my part of the script, but it was too short, so I had to start over, adding in more lines and details as I went. Then, I have region contest on Friday. I hope that we make it to state. It would make my year. We're leaving really early in the morning to go to Blinn college, and the contest is later on in the day. We'll stay the night at a hotel, then come home the next morning. Saturday I also have to take a test for my online class. I cannot miss it. I just want that class to be over. I think it is just too much for me at the moment, and too easy to forget. I have drama practice tonight and tomorrow night also, and I have a scholarship that I have to finish and turn in before friday. GAH.

You know when you sit there wondering about random things, then it starts bothering you what things you can't figure out, and things that are impossible. That happened to me the other day. I was thinking about the fact that we cannot tell eachother what colors are like. My green could easily be your yellow. We call them the same thing because that is what we have been taught to calll them, but there is no guarantee that they look the same. Gosh, I wish there was some way to fix that.

Did you know that the female anglerfish is the big one? The male is simply a sperm-producing parasite that sticks to her side. So, on things like finding nemo, the anglerfish they encounter is actually a female anglerfish.

I wonder which theory of time and space is the true one. Is it the one that coincides with the grandfather paradox? If I go back in time and kill my grandfather, will it not be possible for me to kill my grandfather? Or maybe its more of a doctor who thing, where small things can change, but the situation must always have the same overall outcome. If your grandfather died on a certain date, he will still somehow die on that date, even if you go back and save him from getting hit by a car, because the world works that way.

Elizabeth W.