April 10, 2013


Today is kind of strange because I'm still trying to figure out how it will work, as I go through it. I missed the Aquatic Science field trip because I have to go to the official rehearsal for the oap contest tomorrow. I also have to have money for my lunch, which I managed to get from my mother about 10 seconds before leaving the car this morning. I didn't get my makeup work yesterday, so I went to get it this morning, but only one teacher was there. The only class I'm worried about is spanish, and I guess I'll go in tomorrow morning and get my work. I just hope she isn't mad.

Today in FCA, shelby discussed something that was mentioned at DNOW last weekend, which I was not able to attend. I found it rather interesting, and I jotted some of the things down for future reference. The subject was how to prove that the bible is true.

The first thing that Shelby mentioned is that the bible was written by over 40 different people over hundreds of years. Some of the people didn't even know eachother. They all quote eachother, showing that they believed what the others said, and nothing conflicts. This is important, because all other religions with sacred texts say that their text was written by only one person at one time, so there is no proof that they were right. They could have made the whole thing up. Not to mention, there were over 6000 manuscripts of the New Testament that have been found, while Homer's Illiad (or maybe it was the odyssey) only has about 600.

Another point was that thousands of archeological digs have found things that are mentioned in the bible. Like, when they found the town that they think was sodom and gomorra (I probably spelled that horribly wrong!) where fire was supposed to have rained down on the city, they could tell from the remains and ashes that the fire had started on the roofs of the building, meaning that it was possible that the fire had come from the sky. They also found the city of Jericho. The walls were found to have fallen outward, in a way that they seem to have been pushed outward from the inside, proving that story true.

Most religions have the concept of a flood story, like that of Noah and the ark, because if there was a big flood, everyone is going to know about it. Some people worked out the math and models and proved that the size and shape of the ark made it virtually unsinkable. However, when they tested the sizes and shapes of the other boats from other flood stories, all of those boats were found to be sinkable. God's perfect boat plans prove that he is almighty.

Lastly, some scientists who didn't believe that man could be made from dirt, as stated in Genesis when God created man from the soil, got together and did some tests. They found that every thing that makes up man can also be found in dirt. Something as complex as a human being came from dirt, but that can only be done via supernatural intervention, AKA: God!

I just can't see how people can disagree with evidence like that.

Elizabeth W.