April 26, 2013

Talent show tonight!

I wish I could say that everything was going as planned. At the beginning of the year, I thought, "I'll apply for a bunch of scholarships, win them all, and not have to pay for college". Instead, I spend my mornings writing essays for scholarships and have no money whatsoever so far. Its almost May and I still have no way to pay for college. GAH.

I started a new workout/diet plan thing yesterday. Its is basically just until prom, but I hope I can stick to it until then.

Step 1: Drink water.
I am going to try and drink nothing but water from now until prom. I may have a little bit of tea here and there, and apple juice every once in a while, but I want to avoid coffee and soft drinks. This way, I can help cleanse my system a little bit.

Step 2: Exercise.
I exercised for roughly 30 minutes yesterday. Runinng, walking, step-ups, crunches, push-ups, crab steps, and some other random things I found on pinterest. I expected to wake up today and feel like I couldn't move, but I'm perfectly fine. I do need to try and do some stuff every day though. I plan to do 30 mins or more each day that I have time, and at least some stretching and crunches on days that I don't.

Thats about all I have so far. I hope that this self-engineered plan does something.

Today is the talent show. I really haven't practiced a whole lot, so I hope it goes well. I hope I remember the words and chord orders. If you get a chance, you should come. 7:00 PM tonight. Admission is like 5 or 7 dollars per person I think, and we're raising money for a new spotlight in the theatre.

Acts to look foreward to:
Me (playing the ukulele and singing)
Harlie (singing)
Ellen (Arial Silk Acrobatics)
Jackson and Nick from Forever the Fierce (Playing piano and singing)
Jack and Jefferson (Playing ocarinas)

There are a bunch of other people too, these are just the ones I could remember.

I have to get to typing up an essay for a scholarship now, so I guess I'll leave.

Elizabeth W.