April 9, 2013

Shark Dissection

Today, in aquatic science, we began dissecting sharks. This is probably one of the most disgusting things I have ever done. First of all, I really hate the smell of the preserving fluids that they put on dead things before dissections. Second, dead things gros me out. Third, it smelled REALLY REALLY bad. I'm kind of glad that I will miss the next dissection day.

Yesterday was quite upsetting. I spent some time after drama practice talking to my mom about college. I haven't gotten any scholarships yet, even though I've filled out hundreds of applications online. I'm freaking out, because I am dying to go to a university, and if I don't get enough scholarships, I will have to go to a community college and hope that I can transfer.

I think that the current system for all of that is very unfair. Just because I'm white, apparently I'm supposed to be able to pay for college on my own. Its hard to believe this is happening to me. I talked more about it in yesterday's vlog, so  I'll let you watch that if you want to hear more of my story.

I'm about to go fill out some more scholarship applications, so bye! Wish me luck!

Elizabeth W.