March 19, 2015


Directing a play takes a lot more time and energy than I'm used to putting into theatre stuff. Particularly since I've had rehearsal from 9 to 10 each evening since Monday. And I get to do the same thing next week. And the week after that. And so on. I've been wondering if maybe this was a mistake. Oh well. Too late to turn back now.

It is going well though, as far as the play is concerned. There will be a lot of sign language in it, which makes me happy.

Today is a very rainy, dreary day. I feel like sleeping. But I can't since I'm at school. Instead, I've been sitting in the cafe above the library for the last hour and a half working on homework that is due tomorrow. I plan on working on it a little more later today and finishing it tomorrow. The rain makes me want to listen to Ed Sheeran music though, so that's what I'm currently doing. And its not helping my mood any more than the rain is. Such sad. Such tired. Andrew won't text me. Blah.

I'm super bored though.

Oh, and my bento box lunch sucked today. Plus, I couldn't finish it since I forgot a fork. So I bought a chicken salad sandwich from the cafe and I plan on getting something to drink from the vending machine in a bit.

Sorry I have been kind of missing from the internet lately. I'm just lacking inspiration for blogs and videos, plus I've been rather busy. I'll be back on track next semester if nothing else.