May 7, 2013

Fangirl Morning

This morning, I was fangirling (yes, its a verb now) over the email that I got from youtube. Youtube sends me emails all the time, particularly about comments on my videos. The other day, a contest was held on a vlogbrothers video that had something to do with submitting a video response and possibly getting to vlog on the channel or something like that. So, I submitted my Zombie music video. This morning, I got an email (my email comes to my phone) from youtube about a comment on my video. It was made by a person who works with the vlogbrothers and was through the vlogbrothers channel, saying that the video was great and that the person loved zombies. I was uber excited, and I keep thinking that maybe since the person works with John and Hank, one or both of them saw it also.

I was going through an old unofficial smash book the other day, and I found some stories, poems, and songs that were incomplete. I think I may start typing them up today. I am also working on another story (I can't remember whether I've told you of this one) and I made it to chapter two. I'm actually outlining this one, so I hope to finish it within a year or so. Hopefully sooner.

I keep thinking about how much I want summer to be here. Yesterday my mom and I sat down and ordered graduation invitations, which should be arriving before the end of the week, and started collecting addresses. BTW, if you are a relative or family friend of mine, send me your address so that I can send one to you. Comment for my email address.

I want to dye my hair red because I'm ready for a change. It kind of will be like a transformation and the starting of a new life as an adult. I also cannot wait to get a new camera, a bank account, a paypal account, and an activated adsense account. Hopefully that will help me out a little bit in the area of money. By the way, I have a friend, Lisa, who has a blog that she posts on (Apostolic Girl) that you should read also. I feel that she will be very good at blogging since she can take things with meaning and talk about them, rather than just random stuff like I post about.

Elizabeth W.