May 20, 2013

Last Week That Counts...

This is the next to last week of senior year, and therefore one of the most stressful and craziest. First of all, I had to come to school today (senior skip day) and be in two plays this morning that we performed for the middle school. I wasn't supposed to be in the second one, but one of the main actresses (who was also supposed to be the sound technician for the other play) decided not to show up. So, I went onstage and performed with a script in my hand.

Today we were supposed to film the rest of the telenovela this morning and today after school, however, we will be attempting to film it all after school so that I will have the ability to edit everything before friday. Personally, I am about ready for this to be over with because I am ready to kill all of them.

We have the senior awards ceremony thing tomorrow at like 6:30, so that should be interesting. I hope I get more scholarships than the two that I know about.

I looked online and found the camera that I want yesterday. I should be buying that online within the next week, and then it will be shipped before graduation probably. I cannot wait to get it.

I am sick and tired of doing things for high school, and I would love to get away from all of the underclassmen.

Yesterday, I filmed a green screen test for the telenovela and also helped install a new air conditioner in my living room. Its kind of a must have for southern summers (the ac, not the green screen). I posted the green screen test as a video on youtube, just because I was bored.

I cannot wait to have time to do things that I want to do, like make videos and whatnot. I won't have to worry about high school stuff anymore. It has been a fun time and I've made a bunch of memories and learned stuff, but it has gone on long enough.

Elizabeth W.