May 10, 2013

Wrap It Up, People!

The year is neatly wrapping up. My grade for Sociology has been finalized, which means that I get to request my transcript from the college to be sent to my school, which will even further prove my status of distinguished. I will be going to the local eastern star chapter today for a ceremony in which I will recieve my scholarship from them. I will be addressing envelopes this weekend for my graduation invitations, and hopefully sending them out early next week. I can feel that summer is almost here.

Senior trip is next week, so I am rather excited about that. On Friday, I will have to be up at the school by 4:30 in the morning. We will all load up into three charter buses and go to an amusement park (and stop at buc-ee's on the way there). I will get to spend the day with my friends (I hope to bring my camera and make a music video out of it or something like that). I really don't ride rollercoasters, since I am scared of heights, but I'll figure something out. Then, we'll head home (and stop at Buc-ee's again) and get back to the school around midnight or so.

I have this idea that I want to make a music video using our senior class song, which is "Its Time" by Imagine Dragons. I really like the song, and I have some ideas in my head, but I also want to use video clips of fun and memorable things from senior year. Things that have my friends in it hopefully. I think I may use some of the video that I take on senior trip and the night of graduation. I'll post it on YouTube and Facebook when I'm finished, that way more people will see it. I will probably post it here also. I just think it would be a nice way to say goodbye to all of those years with my friends.

Oh, dear. A large number of people just came into the library. No me gusta. I don't enjoy when people come into the library when  I'm working because I feel like they're judging me, and some of them are really annoying too. It breaks the silence that I've been enjoying for the past 15 minutes.

The snow white birthday party is tomorrow. I've been asked if I could sing disney songs, and I said that I could, and they said that it would be awesome if I could sing "Beauty and the Beast". I hope they mean the Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast song. I really don't know all of the lyrics to that one, but I will try. I think it will be a little out of character, but whatever they want is what they'll get.

By the way, if you have a little kid's birthday party and need either snow white or tinkerbell or ariel (in the summer) or a person who plays the ukulele or something similar, I can totally do that. My current charge is $50, but it can be negociated if necessary. Just contact me somehow and I'll get back to you.

Last night, I was looking up disney songs and their chords on the Ukulele. I really hope that I can bring my ukulele to this gig and maybe use that to play some songs for the kids there. I have internet on my phone, so I can look up lyrics and chords to basically any song that they request. I do think that I will look up a few and print them out tonight or tomorrow morning though, just to have some ready.

I have a whole binder deticated to music. It used to be just for lyrics, but since I started playing the ukulele, I started keeping chord charts and chord sheets in there also. It needs to be organized again, but I think that it works great even then. I try to keep the lyrics-only sheets seperate from chord-and-lyrics sheets with a divider in the middle of the binder's rings. It makes it really convenient to have everything in one place though, that way I can just start playing whatever song that I want to without having to look it up on my phone.

By the way, I have two songs up on the bandcamp website now. They're both covers, but I hope to figure out the instrumentals to some of the original songs that I have written and post those, along with some publilc domain song covers. They're at lizardbreathwalker.bandcamp,com, so check out the FREE downloads.

Elizabeth W.