May 3, 2013

Friday... Finally.

Today is Friday, May 3, the day before prom, 2013. I'm really excited about tomorrow, and I would love to be out of school today, doing things to get ready like many of the other girls, but I don't have the time or money to do so. I'm not getting my hair or nails professionally done because it takes too long AND costs way too much.

I only decided last night how I want to do my hair for prom, and I'm still clueless about my nails (although french tips are tempting). I made reservations for dinner before prom yesterday after school. We're eating chinese food at one of my favourite places... Jade Palace. Its a chinses food place in Humble that has some really good food at decent prices and some really sweet oriental people run the place. One of the waitresses, Sylvia, is kind of like my adoptive grandmother. Not many people go there for anything fancy, but I knew that they could seat us on such short notice. Things like Italiano's, Zio's, Olive Garden, etc. were either way too expensive or bound to be booked.

I think that tomorrow will be a really long but a really fun day. I love dancing, which makes prom really fun for me. I enjoy dressing up, but thats not really a major thing for me. I will get up early in the morning to start getting ready, take pictures, then meet everyone at a friend's house. We'll leave there and go eat, then go to prom. After prom, we'll go back to the same friend's house and stay up all night playing videogames and boardgames and talking. Fun. Nerdy fun, nonetheless, but fun.

Many people are going out and partying or drinking after prom. Personally, I think that's a really terrible idea. You don't have to be drunk or otherwise intoxicated to have a good time. Keep all of the kids from our school in your prayers, in hopes that we'll all be back at school on monday, safe and sound.

In other news, I'm currently reading a book called "Girl In Translation", by Jean Kwok. Its about a girl who comes with her mother to America from China. Its about how she had to adapt to the American school system and way of life. She and her mother work in a garment factory and live in a broken down apartment building that is due to be demolished at any date. Its a really good book that gives insight into what immigrants go through and feel like in their coming to America.

Elizabeth W.