May 28, 2013

Back from the Long Weekend...

This weekend (friday evening through monday) was really amazing. First of all, I ordered my new camera and it should be in thursday or friday. I'm really looking foreward to it. I found a lens online that I will probably buy soon. It only costs like $13 and it is a wide angle lens that can double as a fisheye lens. I'm super excited. Saturday, I worked on the pinterest craft (see the previous post) and then went on a date with my dearest, which, thanks to a gift won from a lottery done by the 27 dresses project, ended up costing us nothing. Sunday, I went to church and recieved some money in cards from church friends and whatnot. We had the senior recognition ceremony sunday too, so I got a card and a gift card from the church. After church, we went and ate at Texas Roadhouse, then went and bought a suit for my brother. They had a buy one, get one free deal at Men's Warehouse, so my dad got a suit too. On the way home, my mom dropped me off at my dearest's house and we spent about five hours watching movies (okay, we ate too, but not much else). Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning house with my grandmother because we are having my graduation party there. I also managed to finish the aforementioned pinterest projects by painting quotes on them.

This weekend was rather fantastic and surprisingly relaxing.

This morning, I was stressing about the monologue that I had to perform in Drama class, which I finished writing monday night. Seniors had to write their own monologues instead of memorizing one from a play. I did rather fantastic, and I only had to start again once. I think I'll add it to the "Stories and Poems" page after I finish writing this.

Today is actually my last full day at school. I only have to be here for one period tomorrow, check in the next day, and graduation practice and graduation on friday. It doesn't feel real, really. I feel like I'm going to be attending THS for the rest of my life, but I'm not.

I am very much looking forward to this summer though, because I will be able to work with my new camera.

UGH. People are annoying. A girl walking by looked at my screen and exclaimed "Oh My Gosh. Typing a book?!". Imbeciles. One of the reasons I am glad to leave THS behind though.

Elizabeth W.