May 25, 2013

A Messy Pinterest Success!

So, I saw this thing on Pinterest the other day, and it was a craft idea using colored bubbles. I did it today and it worked! Now, I just have to finish it and I can give it as a gift.

The idea was to take bubbles and put food coloring in the bubble soap. Then, you blow the bubbles onto a piece of paper and make art with the bubble pop circles.

This was a really simple concept that the source recommended for kindergarteners. I tried it, and ended up modifying it a little. However, I would recommend this for such young children only if you are prepared to clean up a HUGE MESS. I don't really know what that person was thinking. I mean, I'm a senior in high school, and look how much I got on me! I had it all over my hands too.

So, I started out with some food coloring and bubble soap. I poured the bubble soap into several containers, then added a different dye to each container. You have to mix it around a little bit to get the color even. Then, I took the canvas and blew bubbles onto it. However, it wasn't that simple. I had to try really hard to get the bubbles on the canvas due to wind and such. I recommend doing this in a studio or at a time when you have a lot of patience and very little wind.

After about an hour, I came back to check it, but the "paint" designs created by the bubbles had almost completely disappeared. So, I came up with a new plan, thanks to the advice of my boyfriend's mother.

I hunted down some Crayola "washable" colored bubbles, which you can find at any toy store or whatever. They have really dark, vibrant colors. I used them, and it got rather messy, but they turned out really great. I'm planning to paint quotes on these in black, then attach a ribbon to them to hand them. It was a really fun craft and rather easy, just be ready to get messy if you do this. Here's a picture of the finished project (minus the words). I think it would have been better if the pink had showed up more and if I had had more colors of bubbles. It's also best to wait a couple of minutes between colors to prevent crazy color mixing.

Elizabeth W.